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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

thirty-one things

I just had a birthday... a week or so ago.

As my birthday was approaching and someone would ask how old I was turning, I'd jokingly tell them that I was turning one year past old.  Truly I don't believe that, nor do I really feel "old".  Well, maybe some days I do feel old, but I'm not convinced it's because of the number.  It just seems something about turning thirty last year changed a lot.  It is hard to pinpoint exactly what, but various things, feelings, and assumptions changed.  I personally enjoy being thirty, or well, in my thirties, more than my twenties.  For me personally part of this may come from the fact that I married at twenty-two and had my first child at twenty-three.  Let's just say, there are people in the world Target who take a thirty-something year old mom more seriously than they do a twenty-something one.  I can't tell you how many times I had to defend my twenty-three-year-old-mom self when told my baby needed socks on, or was hungry, or needed this, that, or the other thing that the stranger in the store thought they knew better, then I did about my baby.  I promise to not now, or ever, be that lady to any mom or anyone.  And now at my mature age of thirty-one I forgive all the offenders who did it to me.  Well, all of the offenders except the lady in Albertsons who told me "a good mom would have socks on her newborn" straight to my face.  I'm not sure I'll ever be mature enough to let that one go.

My plan for this post, before I was side-tracked, was actually to share a little bit about myself.  I wanted to make a list of thirty-one facts about me.  This will be fun, but probably not easy.  For those who don't know me well, or maybe even for those who do... read on to learn thirty-one facts about me... in no particular order.

1. I'm a third generation(dad's side) only child
2. Because of #1 I wish that I had used my maiden name for one of my kids' names
3. My kids sleep in the same bedroom that was mine when I was a little girl
4. I was married in my dad's backyard, which is now my backyard, and where I grow veggies
5. My parents called me "busy bee" and "peanut" when I was little
6. I had a king size doberman named "Rocky" when I was a child
7. I first met my now husband when I was seventeen years old
8. I've never admired a person more then I admire my dad... and I don't think that will ever change
9. If I don't get at least a few minutes alone each day I am a grumpy person
10. I talk to myself. This wasn't an issue until I had kids and now they think it's fun to catch me in the act
11. I pray the best and the most while I drive or shower
12. I'd choose mountains, trees, rivers and lakes over the sand and sea in a minute
13. I love change... it makes me excited
14. I am a stay-at-home mom... this is something that I love and that I am thankful for... though some days are hard, and I want to run away to a job surrounded by adults, lunch breaks, gratitude, and a paycheck
15. My first labor ended in an emergency c-section and my second was a scheduled one... scheduled ones are wonderful
16. I was honestly scared to have a daughter... but it has turned out to be exactly what I needed
17. Right now I want nothing more then for my husband and I to pack up the car and head out for a road trip... I love road trips
18. Everyday I pray for patience. every. single. day.
19. My middle name is Lee, same as my mom, my grandpa, and one of my cousins, all on mom's side
20. I love to dance and wish I had taken or been taught true dance when I was younger
21. I can never pick just one favorite color... that seems like torture
22. I spent six weeks in Alaska exploring, just me and my dad, at which time I went to the Arctic Circle
23. Six years ago today my dad was living in his final few days... I've missed him every day since.
24. I am somewhat obsessed with photographing my life, my family, our experiences... I think I'm scared to miss or forget something
25. A good hug from my husband can fix anything... tried-and-true
26. I can catch and squish any sort of spider or bug without even using a tissue, but don't even think about saying the word snake to me
27. Something about being in any body of water makes me anxious of sharks... even fresh water lakes
28. I've been known to be too honest, too direct, and to speak without thinking and even out of turn... these are all things I am not proud of, but also really extremely hard things to break myself of
29. I do not know how to whistle... my dad would spend hours trying to teach me... he could whistle beautifully and I swear he used to actually communicate with birds
30. I know almost nothing about "famous people"... I don't know names, faces, facts, or anything about any of them really... because of this I always have to pass on the celebrity baby name game at baby showers
31. If my thirty-one year old body could handle it, I'd drink Dr. Pepper all day everyday... but I don't.

Cheers to officially being not just thirty...
but being in my thirties!

I felt very special this year.
I had many days of various celebrations.

I really wasn't expecting that thirty-one 
was special enough to be so celebrated.

Apparently I am blessed with people in my life
that think I am special enough to celebrate, 
regardless of the number I'm turning.

And for each of them I am so thankful.

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