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Monday, July 2, 2012

capturing life via phone

life lately
according to what my phone
has captured

we've been having lots of summer fun

Avery viewing her very first 3D movie

celebrated my dear friend's 30th birthday over tea

no matter how big she gets
when I see her sleep I just want to scoop her up 
and rock her like the tiny baby she once was

adorable face

bubble time

the kids survived their first two week session of swim lessons

trying so hard to eat healthy
watching my sugar and carbs the best I can
and its not easy since those are my two favorite things!

oh that face, that freckled nose, those lips, and that cute bun

my girl loves bugs... especially ones with so many tiny legs

as I tried on various flat sandals she tried these on... oh wow

date night

my boys' new toy

we have some pumpkins growing

Old Spaghetti Factory

all six cousins together for Jack's 4th birthday

mastered making my own "dirty hippie chai latte"

We've been enjoying our summer so far.
Looking forward to a couple little vacations
this month that will be full of uniterrrupted family time.

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