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Tuesday, July 3, 2012


I have been wanting a chalkboard 
in our home
for a long time.

I knew I didn't just want a normal chalkboard,
but I couldn't decide what I wanted to turn into one either.

So, just as I typically do when I can't decide...
I jumped right into a spur-of-the-moment project,
with no plans and very little ideas.

This is the wall I randomly chose.
Well, not totally random.  I've been wanting something
on this empty spot for awhile.  It is kind of a big focal area
in the middle of our main living space.  I have pinned
a few fun coat hangers and organizers on Pinterest for Bryan to make
for this spot... but apparently those ideas are now out the door.

Instead I went and bought some of this chalkboard paint.

And with very little measuring and no stencil or pencil sketch
I just began painting the wall with an idea of a shape that I freehanded.

It took me a couple of hours to make it
look the way I wanted it... although I was never
quite sure what that shape was.

Once I liked the shape I decided it needed a border.

I decided to use the seafoam color that we 
have on our other walls in this living space.

Then I had to let is cure for three days before writing on it.
Then I had to "condition" it by covering it in chalk first.

Then, finally, it was ready!

The first thing I chose to write on it was "I am not a cow hide".
By the end of the day that I had first painted it, I finally 
realized what this random shape that I made up was
reminding me of... a cow hide!  I thought about changing it
and then decided I liked it.  Plus Bryan said he liked it,
so I figured I should go with it then!

My plan for this chalkboard did not make my kids very happy.
They thought I was creating them a new space to draw all over!

I plan to celebrate birthdays, holidays, special occasions,
dinner party menus, and maybe some scriptures and quotes too.

I've decided that I'm happy with my cowhide chalkboard.

Now it is all ready for the 4th tomorrow!
Happy 4th of July to all of you!

My only other 4th of July decor in my home this year 

I truly wish you all a fun, happy, and SAFE holiday!

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