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Thursday, August 2, 2012

our story: part one

My nine year wedding anniversary is just days away
and I've decided to use this as my excuse to share
parts of our story in a few separate posts.

part one: they meet

This story for me, begins in high school. I was doing most of the typical high school things that kids do. It was summer. The summer between my junior and senior year. I was busy that summer working at my first job, which was at one of those ball pit, pizza, and kid party kind of places. I had the oh-so important, minimum wage paid, title of "Party Team Leader". Impressive, I know.

One summer night at a work meeting, the staff was introduced to our newest team member. At first glance I could see that he was a cute guy with bright blue eyes and he seemed about my age. Then I realized as he stood up to say his first "hello" to his new co-workers, that he had very large, swollen, cheeks. Being the outspoken girl that I was back then (but have so totally matured away from now) I blurted out, "You look like a chipmunk." Now with red swollen cheeks, he tried his best to tell us that his name was Bryan, and that he had just had his wisdom teeth removed. Which explained the large, swollen cheeks. I don't remember feeling bad about it then... but now when I think back on that first impression, I feel sad for that cute new guy with the blue eyes and swollen cheeks.

I'm sure he was filled with joy to discover that the person who would be training him on parties would be the girl who verbally embarrassed him in front of his new peers. And if I hadn't already made this boy hate me at the meeting, then he would for sure hate me after our training session. A bit of personal info before I go on: I'm a tad bit neurotic about placement of things, organization, flow, color combos, and what not. I remember spending the majority of our training time going over, and over again, how to properly set a party table.  Which went something like this... plate goes here, napkin goes there and should be angled like this, cups must go this way and this way only, and never put this color with that color, and don't try it your way because you will fail, and truly the only possible way you could ever do it, would be my way, the right way.

I must have in some way been nice funny, or cute, or flirty enough to have him see past these first two horrible impressions that I made. He was never rude or mean in response. He was actually always very sweet. I could tell he was one of those young hopeless romantic types of boys. I liked that. The kind that you know must write poetry or play an instrument. I was determined to find out.

We would rotate through stations hourly at our job and one of those stations was the karaoke stage. I hated that station. Bryan seemed to love it. I admired that. I remember him singing more than the kids did. The song he sang the most on that karaoke stage was "Sugar Sugar". I can still see his gestures and hear his voice singing that song for his kiddo audience.  He didn't know it then, but he had me at that.

The first few times seeing each other outside of work was within a group of co-workers. I'm sad to say I can't remember when and how we ventured from group dates to our first solo one.  Bryan probably remembers... and he'll read this and let me in on that tid-bit of history. He's the one with the good memory.  I do remember a particular night that we were alone. I'm not sure how the date began but I do remember it ending on the sand at the beach. It was late at night when we got there and early in the morning when we left. We sat on the beach listening and watching the waves crash as we talked. And talked. For hours. We probably learned more about each other that night then we did the entire first month of dating.  Those first memories are so fun. Those first dates and those long phone conversations that you never want to end. You'd rather sit in silence than hang up or leave each other. Young love is sweet. This boy was sweet. I did discovered that he was the kind of boy that wrote poetry and played the guitar. He was also the kind of boy, the first and only boy ever, that my dad approved of.

This story of young love takes a sad turn as the summer came to an end. Please tell me that the music from Summer Lovin' just started playing in your head!? It did for me. Anyhow... although Bryan and I lived just blocks from each other in the same city, we went to different high schools. We were both about to go back to school and start our Senior years. I had moved on to a different job. And even though Bryan was sweet, a romantic, wrote me poetry, and my dad totally loved him... I made a decision that I would later regret, and broke up with him. And if I'm totally honest I'll also admit that I had decided that since school was starting back up I'd probably get back together with my high school boyfriend. The one my dad completely disapproved of. Like disapproved on the level of forbidden me to see him.  Remember me saying that I did the typical high school things that kids do? This was one of those things.

And with that, my summer love, totaling of one month and eleven days, came to an end. Clearly this isn't where the story ends though... since here we are, present day, married with kids.

It's safe to say that this story is to be continued...

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