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Thursday, August 9, 2012

our story: part three

Today is my nine year wedding anniversary.
Over the past week or so I have been 
sharing the beginnings of our story.

part three: i do

*if you missed out on the first two, then check them out first: part one and part two.

Part two ended in August of' 99 when Bryan and I were reunited under pretty crazy circumstances.  Once we were back together we were just about inseparable.  School, jobs, hobbies, and friends changed a lot during those dating years, but we stuck it out together.

Sometime in the Spring of '02 we began talking about marriage more and more often.  We even found ourselves looking at rings and getting my finger measured.  Those of you married or newly engaged totally remember this phase I'm sure.  We both knew engagement was in our near future.  

One summer night we headed to this irish pub-type restaurant near the beach that we loved, but didn't go to often.  It wasn't a rare enough choice for me to be suspicious of the night's plans though.  After dinner we headed for this little grassy spot with a park bench that overlooks the bay.  This was a place that we'd go to often enough that again, I did not suspect this particular night would be the night.  We sat on the bench and talked as always.  I had a glass or two of wine with dinner so I remember being a little sillier than usual.  Right in the midst of a very typical conversation, Bryan began saying sweet things to me, and then asked me to marry him. I was for sure taken by surprise and did not suspect it right then.  I actually think my very first response was, "What?!"  And then maybe even an, "Are you kidding me!?"  I know he had to say the words, "Will you Marry me?"  more than one time due to the ways I was responding.  Poor guy.  Then I even asked him, "Did you ask my dad... does he know about this?!"  Bryan assured me that my dad knew about it and had happily given his permission. Then, fiiiinaly I said, "YES!"

We had a year long engagement and then a simple backyard wedding on August 9, 2003.  It was the hottest day of the summer, there was just under a hundred guests to celebrate with, amazing homemade sangria, and the DJ didn't leave until 2am... we had a good time!  On the night of our wedding and many many times during the years after, my dad told me that our wedding was the best day of his life.  I'm so thankful my dad was able to walk me down the aisle and hand me off to Bryan, the man he was so happy to see me marry.

I have a few pictures to share from that day nine years ago.  The quality isn't great because I had to scan them... our wedding was back in the good 'ol days of photographers still shooting on film.

Our day was wonderful.  It was just what we wanted.  We were excited to start this new part of our life together.  After being together for four years already we felt like we knew exactly what we were getting ourselves into.  But, like most young newlyweds, we had no idea what was ahead for us.  We never even had any pre-marital guidance or counseling.  None of our friends had gotten married yet.  We were entering into new territory with little to no community around us.  The next few years of our life were going to prove to be serious growing years, with some painful times.  Looking back over each high and every single low, I'd change nothing.  Each of those joys and all of those trials have taught us so much.  They have shaped us.  Those trials have beaten and broken us down and then with God's help we've been built back up and knitted together.  God has showed us, to trust His plan.  

Having a good marriage is not easy.  It takes work.  It is waking up each and everyday and putting someone else before you.  The days that we are centered on God and His plan for our family turn out much better than the days that we fight for the plan to be centered around one of us.

Marriage is not

Marriage should be

I can't change this world's backwards views and silly hang-ups about marriage.  I can't set all the young couples straight about marriage not being a fix-all or a slumber party.  There is no convincing a happy newlywed that they may have trouble ahead.  

I can find hope for other couples in the fact that I once had backwards views and silly hang-ups, and that we were once a young couple that didn't see trouble ahead.  I am grateful for the blue eyed, "Sugar Sugar" singing boy, that God brought into my life at that work meeting fourteen years ago.  I'm more grateful that our paths crossed again a year later when I had thought all hope was lost in reuniting with that sweet boy.  What I am most thankful for is God's presence in our marriage, in our family, in our home.  I'm beyond thankful that God turned that boy into an amazing man for me, for our marriage, and for our children.  Bryan and I were unfortunately born in a time where people do just throw broken things and people away.  I thank God that  He created a team in the two of us that believes otherwise.  We believe in fixing the broken.  We believe that when you do choose to fix the broken, all that work makes the fixed stronger, more understanding, compassionate, and humble.  Marriage is work and it is a journey.  If you are willing to take your vows of "in better or worse" as your covenant, than your marriage can not only make it, but it can be a joyous life journey together.

Bryan, thank you for everything.  Thank you for being my other half in this life's journey.  I love you in ways, and for reasons, that I didn't realize were even possible when we married nine years ago.  Who knew that "all ways always" would have such great meaning for us so many years later.  Happy Anniversary babe.  Love you, All Ways Always, Andie.

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