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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

diy canvas & my new picture wall

last week i posted a picture to facebook 
of this canvas sign i was in the midst of making.

 it was such a fun and easy project that i
wanted to share it here.
before i go any further i want to share where
i first saw this idea.  it was here at a beautiful mess which is one of my favorite blogs to follow.  there are a couple things that we did differently... but pretty much it's same diy project.
it was a year ago that i saw that post on their blog.
the cute idea has surfaced a few times in the crafty part of my brain, but never came to life.  then i was at micheals one day and saw the above garden sign.  i loved what it said.  whenever i am out and see something that inspires me i take a picture of it... so i can't forget it.  even though i didn't like anything about the look of the sign and wouldn't make that sign for my garden... i liked what it said and immediately thought back to the idea from a beautiful mess.
i used a canvas picture.  this was one of the cheap ones from ikea.  i think it was like $10 when we bought it several years ago.  it has moved around to many walls in our home and i was totally ready to give it up for this project.
you also need vinyl letters which you can get at any craft or hardware store.  i used 2" but they come in many sizes.
first i cut the letters out so that i could play around with their placement on the canvas.
 once i liked it i began placing them. make sure to
rub over them a few times to get them nice and stuck so no paint sneaks up under any loose edges.
you can use spray paint or normal craft paint.  i thought spray paint would be easier, quicker, and more even.  plus i already had this paint from this project i did last week.
and now you spray enough layers until you like how covered or not covered the picture is.  i wish i had stopped one layer before this.  the flower was still peeping through the paint a tiny bit and i wasn't sure about that... then i added one more coat and wished it was still showing a tad... but owell.

once it's totally dry you can peel off the letters.
vinyl letters peel off very easy.  do not try and use stickers.
 all finished

this little and easy sign project of course made me change our entire picture wall... which was not just a little and easy project.  but i love it so all the work was worth it.

these signs are so fun and easy that it is one of those projects that you want to do a million of.

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