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Sunday, September 16, 2012

it's still summer

i am pretty sure i have already posted about summer being over.  grant has been back in school for almost an entire month.  summer vacation is for sure over.  but the weather this past week has been HOT.  it was in the 90s for several days and then even got into the triple digits for a few days in a row.  so we have been enjoying ice cold drinks, popsicles, ice cream, cold meals... i brought back out the kiddie pool and our air conditioning has been working some serious over time!  
and technically it is actually summer until what, september 22nd?  so we do still have six days left.  go figure... the last week of summer has been the hottest.

last saturday was when this heat wave was just getting started.  bryan worked and the kids and i had no plans so we ended up taking a last minute trip to the beach.  when we got there i posted a picture of avery playing in the sand to my facebook page and mentioned something about it being the last beach trip of the year.  well... that was until this weekend happened and we did the same thing... last minute trip to the beach.  lucky for us, bryan was able to join in on the fun this time.

 i didn't and i won't dare mention it being our last trip because when i do that, the weather seems to get hotter.

 the kids had a great time together and all four of
us played a mean game of "splash ball" for a long time.
i may have even dove for the ball a few times right into the water.  no, i am not competitive... not at all.

 my little man. i love him.

 not sure what happened... but grant came to her rescue.
just as he always does.
you future girlfriends, you better know how lucky you are... he is pretty rad!  like amazing rad.
and when i say "girlfriends" what i actually mean is that one girl that he meets and falls in love with about age 28 or so and then marries.  you know the girl who will love me and i will love her and she will happily come to our home for all the holidays.  obviously that's how it will work out.  right!?

i hope everyone managed to stay cool this weekend!
and i don't know about you but i am hoping and praying for fall to just get here already... and to stay!

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  1. Absolutely his wife will love you and come for Christmas. I can't wait o hang with my mom-in-law every Christmas. Great photos!