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Monday, October 1, 2012

capturing life via phone

the last post i wrote was that fall was just a day away. 
and now, here we are and it's already the first day of october. 
oh and today... 105 degrees.
happy first day of october!?


life lately
according to what my phone
has captured

my iphone photo dump

 enjoying our last few baseball games for the season

 avery clearly isn't as interested in baseball as the rest of us

i'm having a blast with the line for the shine project.

 i taught ave how to play dominos
and now she wants to play several times a day

custom order for a fall wedding

i'm really happy and thankful that the fall garlands
have been selling so well... yay!

 lil' dancing girl

i hope my little man will always hold my hand like this

 my work hours are powered by sugar, coffee, and hulu plus

i've been busy with many projects
lately, which makes for a 
constant mess of a work station

not a picture about teeth brushing.

although i am happy she can do this quite well on her own now.
the picture is actually to capture the memory of a week
when she pretended to be pregnant... yup, that is a baby doll in her shirt.
she even slept with it like that one night!

i wish i had more time, energy and money to put
into my fashion... but i rarely have all three of those
things at the same time, so i get excited over something
so little as a cute new pair of shoes... from target.

i've been stocking the etsy shop with big fabric bows

for the first time ever i am advertising.
do you see avery's pictures... glasses and a big bow?
i am pretty excited that i am doing it
on two of my favorite blogs.
more on that soon.

grant is already six weeks into his second grade school year.  back to school night has passed and our first conference with his teacher is next week.  and as of today, avery is starting school next week!  yes, she is.  she is so excited.  we all are actually.  we made a last minute decision that she needs to be in preschool asap.  i may elaborate in a later post.  other then those quick updates, i have been keeping busy creating... adding to the etsy shop and filling lots of fall garland orders.  i'll start working on christmas items soon.  any special requests?  i will probably wait until the weather drops several degrees though... i just can't make christmas garland while it's 95 degrees outside.  

happy first day of october to you 
and cheers to hoping for cooler weather to come soon!

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