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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

capturing life via phone

it has been three weeks since i last dumped my iphone pictures here... i am surprised that there aren't a million.  i suppose even i get a little too busy now and then to take pictures of every passing moment.

 fall weather has come and seems to be staying this time

 i was excited when my new bracelet arrived and 
i've been wearing it like crazy.  
see more about threads here.

i'm really truly trying to quit cut back.

mini me

 late night ice cream... shhhhh, don't tell

please notice bryan and grant in this picture.
clearly we each have a mini me.

i wish my hair was long like hers so i could wear a bun

fabric shopping fun

dark and light chambray bows are available in my shop

lots of bow making lately.
they are so fun to make and 
i love their adorable, yet sophisticated and simple look.
perfect for all ages and can be worn a number of ways.

my felt stash has outgrown its allotted shelf space

you guys, sales are doing good and i am so thankful
and having so much fun filling these daily orders. yay!

they keep getting more and more cute.
i hope with all of my heart that they 
are good friends forever.

not how you spell it... although at starbucks 
they always seem to

yup, those are bangs in my face.  something new.

 this boy of mine is in love with reading!

 lunch date: daddy and his two girls
this was our second time to the 
new BBQ place in the circle
Smoquedand again we LOVED everything we ordered.

 headed to the new toy store, tiddlywinks, in the circle.
love love love the store.  not only is its 
look amazing, but the
selection and prices are great!

tassels are everywhere.  i've been seeing 
them on jewelry for months.
i thought i'd give them a go for a garland.  
i try a lot of new ideas and
many don't pan out.  things look better 
in an idea sometimes.
this tassel garland turned out just the way i hoped though.
or maybe better!  it is now available in my etsy shop.

i am loving everything about fall right now.

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to win a free garland of your choice!
read about the giveaway here.  find some easy 
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