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Monday, October 15, 2012

a patch of pumpkins

here we are two weeks into october and fall still hasn't started here in orange county.  well, it made a brief appearance for like a whopping 48 hours.  it was glorious.  i wore boots... pants... layers!  it didn't last long and i miss it.  it has been in the 90s the past few days and is suppose to continue all week.  i put the boots back in the closet and am back wearing my summer dresses.
we did a lot of what we called, "willing fall to come" over the weekend.  this included heading to a local pumpkin patch.

i am jealous of people who live in places where you bundle up for this yearly tradition.  where you bring hot cocoa to sip while you pick out your pumpkins.  we were sweating... no need for hot cocoa.

despite the heat and the lack of feeling like fall... it was still a fun trip.  i suppose being born and raised here i should be used to it.  if we ever moved somewhere with real seasons i'm sure i'd wimp out before snow even fell to the ground.  maybe fall will come in november...

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