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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

my aidie girl

oh my, oh my, this girl i've been given.  she is so many things.  simple isn't one of those things.  but really, how many of us girls are actually all that simple?  i'm quite sure if my dad were still here he would say something every single day about her being just like me. and i know that.  i see it.  i see myself in her all.the.time.

because of our likeness, i tend to understand things about her that others may not.  i tend to find her hilarious, even when others don't. sometimes it's like laughing at myself.  we have fun together.  we like to be around people and being out on an adventure.  but then we both recharge by being alone and having our own space... which works out well when it's just the two of us at home.  we do make a great team.

but also due to our likeness i tend to struggle with her.  we are both really stubborn.  we both like to be in control.  we can both be bossy and like things to go our own way.  the combination of us both being at our worst at the same time is all sorts of ugly.  over the past few weeks that has been the case way too often.  this has not been fun.
we decided that holding off until next year for her to start preschool may have been a bad idea.  this girl needs a social outlet.  she is ready to experience instruction from another adult than just mom and dad.  she needs to be with peers who she will learn from.  learn that things can't always go her way.  life just doesn't work like that.  so next week she will go off to school.  just two days a week.  she is so excited about it.  she tells everyone she comes into contact with her big news, "I go to school now!" 

it will be fun for her.  a little harder than she is expecting... but that will be good for her too.  i have had four years with her as my buddy, my side-kick day in and day out.  there will be an avery sized hole in me that first day as i walk back to my car alone after dropping her off.  i will miss her and probably be a little sad.  but it will be good... for us both.

i am so thankful for this little girl.  there is never a dull moment in her presence.  there is not a face she can't make smile or a person she can't make laugh.  she has great gifts that i am so excited to see her grow into and use the way God intended.
i can't imagine my life without her.  it is hard to believe i was so scared to have a daughter.  it turns out they we aren't so bad after all.  there is something sweet about our time together.  something exciting about our future conversations.  there is a lot to be thankful for and so much to look forward to being aidie's mom.  she says she is now too big for that nickname... but she'll always be my little aidie girl.

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