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Sunday, December 23, 2012

gingerbread house fun

when i found these little a-frame german gingerbread houses at trader joes a few weeks ago i almost died from their adorableness.  i mean, really!?  they are so stinking cute. i bought one and soon went back for a second one because i wanted each kid to have their own to build and decorate.  and as they built theirs i realized i should have bought one for me too!  we decided this would be a great way to kick off the first day of school vacation.  

bryan and i helped them a bit with the actual structure part and then let them decorate as they wished.

if you are curious about the kids' art wall and the how-to
of it... you can find the details here.

please look closely and take note of her tongue. too funny. she was really working hard!

i was surprised neither of them went frosting and candy crazy.  they both ended up with pretty modest houses.

tomorrow is christmas eve!  i managed to wrap half the gifts this morning before the kids woke up.  i'll do the other half tonight when they go to bed.  not sure about putting anything under our tree though.  i have a really bad image of our puppy ruining christmas by destroying all the packages and their contents!

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