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Friday, February 15, 2013

capturing life via phone

I originally started this as a way to share my phone pics from the week... but it has turned out to be more of a monthly post instead of weekly.  Dare I say I am going to really try to stick to this being a weekly Friday post!?  Well, I just did.  But, don't hold me to it.
 Visiting daddy on his lunch break is always a treat for us.  I LOVE this picture.  This picture is a perfect example of why I must keep taking pictures of the everyday stuff.  I look at this shot and see so many things captured and frozen for us to look back on forever.
 I brag about him so much... I know.  Seriously though I don't do it to brag, I do it because I am amazed and so thankful for this boy and his heart.  I never want to just get used to it or stop acknowledging him for the wonderful things he does and ways he treats others.  He offered to make him and his sister sandwiches and then he even cut hers with one of our shape cutters because he knows she loves that added detail.
 A little sneak peak of some items going into a certain boy's birthday next week.  He is turning eight... EIGHT!?
 Yes, I jumped on this bandwagon.  But really, how cute is Hello Apparel!  Of course I bought mine in red... that way it can double as Angel baseball wear.
 Every six weeks this happens.
I have been growing out my hair for several months now.  It has finally got to the past-shoulder length and I am becoming frustrated and tempted to chop it all off again.  It isn't short or long, and it is so thin and straight.  So I had my hair stylist curl it in hopes that I'd learn a trick or two while she did it.
 We all love having a batting cage in our backyard.  Especially now that Bryan added a pitching mound and lights for night time.
 Enjoying our friend's Star Wars themed birthday party.
 I have been working on some itty bitty bow clips.  I am really enjoying how easy they stay in hair.  As much as I love the BIG bows I have made in the past.. they tend to be heavy and can slip out of fine hair like Avery's.  I hope to list some of the new small bows in the shop this week!
 Three times a week... baseball practice.
Bryan came home with this orchid for me a few days ago.  Sweet man.
 Tried out the new place to eat in our town.  It is called Linx and has gourmet sausages and hotdogs... they are so so yummy.  And oh the fries!
 We just might be guilty of going back the next day to try some more.
  I added some St. Patrick's Day garlands to the Etsy shop this week.
 Bryan went with Avery to her preschool for Daddy night so I treated Grant to his choice of dinner.  He is such a mini version of Bryan.
 Morning time snuggles with this sweet girl.  I dread the day that she stops doing this.
  Avery and I had a great time together creating this art piece for her room.
 The kids crack up when I remind them that I worked here once upon a time.  They can't imagine me as anyone other than mommy.
 Before school on Valentine's Day. 
 Valentine's class party craft... a Smartie mosquito.  So cute!
 Something about old jars and pretty plants makes this corner of the kitchen where dishes get washed so much more pleasant.
 This morning we finished a couple little crafts and made the space above Avery's bed a little more girlie.  We are always changing, adding or subtracting to create personal space for each of this kids in their shared bedroom.
The kids are always excited when the holiday chalkboard is erased.  They know they usually have a few days to do what they want with it before I come up with the next thing.

I hope you have a great weekend!  Grant has today AND Monday off from school... so we have a FOUR day weekend.  WooHoo.


  1. I love the art for Avery's room!! I happily follow you along on Instagram :) Your kids are adorable :)

  2. i have thin hair also but with yours you would never be able to tell!

    i'm a new follower.

    1. Welcome... I hope you find something you like around here. =) And really, my hair is ridiculously thin... my ponytail is a joke because there is like no hair when I pull it all together for one. But, curling or adding a wave to it really helps it look fuller!