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Friday, February 22, 2013

capturing life via phone

Check me out... it's Friday and it looks as if I may just be able to stick to this regular weekly post thing after all.

Phone pics from the week.  
All of the pictures that were posted on my Instagram this week will be found here... but I also add pictures to this weekly post that were NOT in my Instagram feed.

too darn cute

i curled my hair all by myself!  it wasn't as cute as when my stylist did it but with a little more practice i think i'll have it down.

 the kids and i went to my mom's 60th birthday party on saturday.

 we stopped along the way for a few minutes because the day was beautiful and the ocean view was too wonderful to just drive alongside... we needed to get out and smell it.  avery was a little nervous of being pooped on by a seagull though.

my mom had the amazing idea of renting a photo booth for her party. oh my gosh it was fun!!!  my kids were pretty into it too!  seriously... please look at the one of grant in the propeller beanie.  it is too good.

 when we got home from the party i had happy mail!  loving all my new threads wear!
have you checked their store out yet!?
how cute is the gold metal tied bow!!?!

 morning snuggles with my littlest one... who isn't all that little any longer.

so this is what my hair looked like when i woke up the morning after i curled it myself for my mom's party.  it for sure had enough of a wave left that i felt like i got myself a 
2-day hair style out of it!  love that.  i think as my hair grows longer curling is going to be the way to go.

 working on mini bows

ave modeling my mini bow

 sporting a couple of my new threads

 i was super excited to see the beautiful annelise who blogs over at aunie sauce was wearing one of my big bows in her post.

 i don't sit often.  i rarely eat breakfast.  coffee doesn't count as breakfast and that is usually all i have in the morning.  some mornings after the crazy rush of a hectic school morning is over i just need to sit, eat, read, and shut everything else down.
i should do this more often.  why as moms do we forget about ourselves?

 silly girl loves getting a happy face on our costco receipt!  she thought this one was pretty funny.  "look mom this is the face they drew me!"

  we planned grant's bday party to be on his actual birthday this year... which landed on a thursday... a school night party.  we kinda had no choice.  the theme was clearly baseball.  or as i called it "ballpark themed".

  you know me... i always need a few garlands and banners to hang.  i thought baseball cards would do the trick and they did!

 i turned our chalkboard into a scoreboard.
 the morning of his birthday i put these pictures together for a little instagram and facebook birthday post.  look at that little babe.  time flies way too fast you guys!!!

  and then here is the eight year old version of my babe while i dropped him and his birthday brownies off at school on his birthday.

  later that night, after school, after baseball practice, at his ballpark party.  he doesn't like cake so every year he picks a different dessert.  this year it was brownies.

 today, the morning after the party i am slow to undecorate.  i am not always a fan of pulling down the decorations.  especially the handmade ones.  plus i kinda just love baseball so much i don't see why we shouldn't keep this up all season?

Happy Friday to you!
I hope you all have a great weekend.


  1. SO awesome :) Happy bday to your little man1 I love all of your happy pics.
    Have a great weekend!