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Thursday, February 14, 2013

heart day and love tanks

This year might be the most we have ever celebrated Valentine's Day.  Bryan and I aren't real big into this holiday.  Call me crazy(you totally can) but I'd much prefer him to think about giving me flowers, cards, or taking me out to dinner on a day that isn't Valentine's Day.  But... that is a whole different blog post.  Now that we have kids who are in school and enjoy celebrating Valentine's Day we have had to learn to just embrace it.  Love isn't such a bad thing to celebrate anyhow... so it was fun this year to have both kids in school and to do a little more than usual.

 Avery knew weeks before today that she wanted to do handmade cards.  Her class only has 12 kids so I was totally in support of her going the handmade route with little treat bags.  She didn't want much help from me and pretty much designed and created her card on her own.  Seriously.  She's kinda amazing in the crafty sense.  Dare I say like mother like daughter?
 Grant on the other hand wanted to buy his cards.  He has a class of 32 so I was totally in support of his choice as well!  Crafty doesn't always win and that is okay too.
 We have had our house decked out with hearts for several weeks already.
Various banners in various rooms.
Today, on Valentine's Day our chalkboard looks like this.  This is the third or fourth Valentine message it has worn over the past month though.  I like change. =)
 I enjoyed spending some time in Grant's class today during his class party.  They always do a ton of crafts at their holiday parties.  Something about this little mosquito was just too cute to me.  And my little man is pretty darn cute too!  Look at him.  Oh man I love him.  We all had a good day and are finishing it up with some baseball practice and a family dinner out.  I hope you all spent some time with someone you love today.

I posted a picture on Instagram of my kids' "affirmation mailboxes" several days ago and have received some comments and questions about them... so I want to share a few details.  The idea behind it was for them to have a place to receive love notes from Bryan and I... and each other if they caught on to it.  The funny thing is they each gave each other a dozen or so before Bryan and I were able to.  For those who have read any of the Love Language books you are probably familiar with the idea of the "love tank".  Basically the more loved you feel the fuller your tank is.  One of my kids FOR SURE has the love language of "words of affirmation".  When I explained the concept of these mail boxes to the kids Grant wrapped his arms around me and thanked me for thinking of this and told me what a great mom I am for doing it.  Seriously? I thought... wow!  I knew at that moment I was right about his love language.  This morning I put a little heart notebook in each of their mailboxes filled with reasons I love them and little notes to affirm all the many things that make them wonderful and special.  We all love to get love notes, or to hear that someone is thankful for us, or that we did something good.  Kids especially seem to just thrive on positive reinforcement and this is a great way to give it to them.
It is a really simple way to fill up your kids' love tanks!

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