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Friday, March 29, 2013

DIY: Fairy Garden

If you follow on Instagram you may already know we have begun a pretty serious garden project this year.  I am loving it!  Two nights ago I randomly decided I wanted to make Avery a fairy garden for inside of our garden.  I didn't do any research on the stories or rules behind fairy gardens or the mystery or tales of fairies... I just think the tiny little gardens are so darn cute!  Avery plays pretend all.of.the.time... so a fairy garden is right up her alley.

While Avery was at school yesterday I shopped around for the items that I figured would give us a pretty good start to a fairy garden.
 Here is a list of the items we used to create our fairy garden although your items could be totally different.  Some of the listed items below you will not see in the above picture because I went out and bought more plants after taking this picture, once I realized I didn't have enough. =)
-a vintage wash tub to create the garden in (already had this)
-soil to fill the tub (already had this)
-two different colors/types of ground cover moss (home depot)
-three different flowering ground covers (home depot and a local nursery)
-two tiny succulent plants (home depot)
-a mini version of a tree (home depot)
-a mini herb plant (local nursery)
-porcelain mushroom (joann) this is actually a bird house
-colored pebbles (michaels)
-gold colored sand (michaels)
-mini wood picket fence (joann) it comes unfinished and i painted it brown
-driftwood pieces (joann) this is what i used to create the mini bench
**while at michaels i almost bought a few items from the missions section... like a plastic mini fence and a plastic well. i decided not to only because they were plastic and i wasn't sure how they'd hold up long term outside with the sun and watering.  but i wanted to share that idea because they had a lot of cute mini items you could add to a fairy garden.  i loved the well so much.

first step: fill your container with soil

Before planting anything we decided where we were going to have the house(mushroom) and we built up a little hill where it would be.  We left it there as we planted some of the ground cover to go around it.  Once we had the house's location set we just decided where everything else would go as we went along.  I made sure to take into consideration the plants that would grow taller and keep them towards the back or the sides.  Also remember that you can cut back anything that grows too big to keep it all tiny fairy size.

Once all the living items were planted we removed the mushroom house and Avery gave it all a good soak with the hose.
*when choosing items for your garden make sure to choose ones that will be able to handle regular watering and outdoor conditions.  this is why i chose the porcelain mushroom house for example.

Now it was time to add the walkway.  I used a piece of the driftwood as a little porch or doorstep and then added the colored pebbles for the path.

I poured the sand on the outside of the fence and in most of the areas that you could still see the soil.  The sand created a perfect little spot for the driftwood sitting bench to be. I just used hot glue to glue the driftwood pieces together to create the bench.

Once some of the plants around the edges grow a little taller and fill in a bit more I think it will be just perfect.

Above view of the layout

 It didn't take Avery long before she went and grabbed a few of her mini princess dolls to enjoy the garden.

 I just love how cute it looks in our garden and it will provide Avery with a great place to play on the days she doesn't feel like gardening but still wants to be with me.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

capturing life via phone

I know it's not Friday 
and that I'm a couple days late.
Here is our week in review according to what my phone captured.

last saturday i went to a baby shower for a friend of mine who was celebrating what will soon be her first child... and it's a girl!
the shower had a french theme and they served crepes.  how amazing is that... and so delicious.

since i went to the baby shower i had to miss grant's second game of the season.  don't laugh at me but it was seriously hard to do this.  i hate missing his games.  as soon as i was home from the shower he gave me the play-by-play of the game.

last week's weather.

i have officially sold out and can not seem to replace the fabric for the yellow and white striped knot headband.  but i have added a couple new choices to the bunch.

avery likes the knot bands and they are so cute on her!

two new fabric choices 
that i added to the bow ties.

eating lunch outside in our nice weather.

we officially started our seedlings for this year's spring/summer garden.

another quick after-school trip to disneyland
first time on splash mountain for both of them

enjoying the hot weather

bryan built me a beautiful fence for the garden.  
so thankful he is such a handy man.

 our lucy dog loves the water. on hot days she enjoys standing on top of a sprinkler.

 popsicles and bubbles while barefoot.
is it summer!?

saying the pledge before grant's baseball game.
intently watching his team bat from the dugout.  not only did they win yesterday's game... but they beat the only undefeated team in their division and with that they are now tied for first place.  go indians!!

a little post-game fun.

hope everyone had a great week
and happy st. patrick's day!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

growing up

Something about the seasons changing, or kids turning new ages and reaching new milestones is to blame for this random post.

My first born turned eight years old a few weeks ago and yesterday I sat and filled out kindergarten paperwork for my littlest one.  How did they get so big and how did it happen so fast?

I remember being a kid and my dad talking about how fast time goes by.  He would even say that each year of our life goes faster than the previous year.  If I sit and think about it, he was so right.  In May I will turn 32... thirty-two years old.  In May it will be seven years since my dad died.  In August it will be ten years that Bryan and I have been married.  Time goes by so fast.  It is crazy.

I have actually come to terms with my kids growing up.  It is still, and will always be a very bittersweet thing.  Some milestones are more sweet and some are more bitter.  Overall though, I feel like I am in a positive place with it.  I am for sure past the baby fever stages.  I will confess that I do love to be pregnant and that I think infants are amazing and perfect in most ways... but I am not desiring any of that any longer.  I am no longer questioning if I am truly ready to say that we are done growing our family in size.  
I am done.  We are done.  Our family is complete and wonderful just as it is.

We recently bought Disneyland passes.  
On our first trip there as we parked our car, quickly each unbuckled ourselves, opened our own doors and ran off together out of the parking structure... I couldn't help but say out loud how great it is to be free of strollers, and diaper bags, and all that stuff that complicates trips like this.  Oh and how fun it is to have kids big enough to ride all the fun rides.  Bryan and I also have learned the art of day time dates while both kids are in school.  This is a new luxury for us that I had no idea was so fun and easy.  No babysitters needed!  Next year when Avery is in school all five days it will be even easier for Bryan and I to enjoy days together.  See, I am finding joy in our kids getting older!  Even in these little and maybe silly ways.

A couple of weeks ago I did experience a bitter moment with Grant growing up though.  He asked me to stop calling him "Bubba".  It brought tears to my eyes when he said it.  I knew the day would come though. He explained to me that sometimes it was embarrassing for him.  I totally understood and for sure do not want to cause him embarrassment, so I told him I'd try to stop but that it may take some time since we call him Bubba more often then Grant.  Several days later I accidentally called him "Bubba" and I quickly apologized.  He then told me that he decided that we could still call him "Bubba".  When I asked him what changed his mind he explained to me that he missed hearing it.  He said that he didn't realize that the nickname we had for him made him feel special more often then embarrassed.  This time I didn't just tear up, I cried.  Bittersweet.  

Over the past year the conversations I have had with Grant have been so great.  So special.  And they are conversations that we have because he is getting older.  Because he is becoming his own person, and figuring out his own way, discovering why he feels certain things or chooses to believe certain things... and he shares so much of this with me during our conversations.  I am beyond thankful for these times and it makes me so happy about him getting older.  In those moments when I am learning about who he is and seeing pieces of the boy he is being shaped into, I am thankful for my kids growing up.  I am thankful for these two amazing kids that I have.

And although I am okay with them growing up... I do still feel the desire to photograph and document them all of the time.  I still want to capture these days. Just as I'll want to capture the days in five and ten years too. To be able to freeze a moment in their current state to look back on in years to come.  I will always be this way...  never wanting to chance missing out on a saved moment.  It is why I love to take pictures and why I choose to write this blog... pieces saved of our family's many stories.

Friday, March 8, 2013

capturing life via phone

It is Friday for three more hours so although this is late it still technically made it in time... not that anyone but me is keeping track.  

Here is our week in review according to what my phone was able to capture.

the weather has been so wonky here!  when i took this picture a few days ago it was hot like summer time!  today it has been cold and rainy.  what the heck!??!

 i made more of the new knot headbands
 and then got them listed in the etsy shop.

 changed up the chalkboard.
one of my favorite scriptures in the bible.
the key to so much in life is finding joy in everything and being able to be thankful for something every single day.  no matter what. 

 this is what our pup thought of my foam head
 grant's first baseball game for the season was saturday.  it was a rough game for our team but grant did great and looked cute doing it!

 love this. love them.

 felt bows and blooms can come on any hair attachment including elastic headbands

 i finally got around to making some bow ties
this was my very first one i made

 another trip to disneyland!  for this trip we split up boys and girls.  avery and i enjoyed some of the smaller kid rides... like Its A Small World.

 and she went on her very first roller coaster... the little one in toon town.  it goes pretty fast though! =)  
she totally loved it.

  we met up with the boys for dinner and then to watch the world of color show.  we had never seen it before and it was super amazing.  we were blown away and this picture does nothing for it!

 after the show was over but the music was still on bryan and avery took a few moments to have a father daughter dance.  he is such a wonderful dad and good man.  thankful for him.

 the knot headbands have been selling well and they are so fun to make and package up.

  a friend of mine was over with her four month old son this week and i just had to try one of my new bow ties on him to see what they looked like on babes.  pretty darn cute, right!?
  here they are.  these are the current bow tie fabric selections and i am also offering matching hair bows for the girls!  how cute would a matching brother and sister or dad and daughter be!?

  two or three months ago avery brought one of these tiny pine cones home for me from her school's playground.  i told her how much i loved it and i also told her that it made me feel special to know that she thinks of me while she is at school.  every day since then that she has had school, she has brought me home a new tiny pine cone.  i look at this jar that fills more and more each week and smile and the sweetness and kind heart of my little girl who wants her mom to feel special.

 this morning i began the registration process for avery to begin kinder next year.  i can't believe it.  time has flown so fast.  it doesn't seem real that she will turn five this summer.  she is so ready though.  i selfishly wish she wasn't.  with her summer birthday it would be easy to use that as an excuse to keep her home one more year. but she is so ready and so excited that i just can't do that to her.  instead i will let my heart break just a little bit as we prepare for her to be a big school aged girl.
 she was so excited about the kinder paperwork that she asked me to play school with her and we did.  she cracked me up with how excited she was to play school and write letters and numbers all over our chalkboard.