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Friday, March 1, 2013

capturing life via phone

Third week in a row 
I've been able to stick with this post.  
Go me!

Here is our past week in review 
via what my phone captured.

my little lady. there is just no denying how big she is getting these days!

  that is what packing our family for spring training looked like... go Angels!

 that is what driving our family to spring training looked like.  a lot of desert.

we loved the hotel we stayed in.  totally wished we had planned on a longer trip.  the next time we go it will be.

the pool was pretty rad and it was heated. 
 there was this fun window part in the pool where you could take pictures of the underwater scene happening.

 watching morning practice.

 i love baseball.

 this kid!  so just in case his ballpark themed party on a school night and a trip to spring training wasn't enough for his eighth birthday... we let him skip school monday and we all got annual passes to disneyland! we have not had them in about three years and before that we had them every year since back when bryan and i were dating.  we are super excited to have them again...yay!

grant rode california screamin' for the first time!  such a big kid.  he loved it.
we also experienced the new cars land for the first time and went on the super fun race car ride that's there.

grant is now tall enough for the indiana jones ride also.  while him and bryan enjoyed that ride i took avery on jungle cruise and it was pretty amazing. =)

sometimes i wake early enough on school mornings that i can sit and enjoy breakfast with my kiddos.  these are good mornings.
and obviously blankies are welcome.

 someone ordered this mustard bow and bloom combo and i loved making it because it's one of my most favorite colors.

grant has short day every wednesday so we headed to disneyland and found out that it is a great day and time to go.  the waits were 10-25 minutes for everything.

then on our way out this happened.
how stinking cute are these pictures. some of the little girls we watched were nervous and stood a distance away for their photos, but avery literally grabbed onto these princesses and gave them some love!

about two years ago bryan and i jumped on the paleo train. the paleo train was much slower two years ago. these days i hear about it everywhere i turn.  we stuck it out for about 7 months and it was good for us in many ways.  now, two years later we are so far from that kind of eating... like in a bad way.  i am not going back on the paleo plan.  but i am deciding to really be aware of what i am putting in my body and am cutting way back on sugar, carbs and processed stuff.  i am not going to set a bunch of insane goals though either.  i just want to feel better and have more stable energy.  wish me luck.  some of you know how much i love candy and soda.

the mini fabric bow sets have been selling pretty well.  they are so cute and fun to make too!

our pup duke... he is so big.  we love him.

i have been seeing these soft tie-knot headbands everywhere i look for the past couple of months.   they are so darn cute.  i just love the style they have.  and they look great on all ages.  i have been wanting to try to make one for weeks but haven't had the time.  well, yesterday i finally sat down and forced myself to cut and sew one up.  i was happy enough with the turn out that i am listing them in the etsy shop.

happy friday to you 
and hope you have a great weekend!

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