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Saturday, April 20, 2013

shop updates

I have decided to make a little change in how I run the Aidie's Hideaway Etsy shop, but before I share about that I want to share about Aidie's Hideaway being featured in the Orange County Register.  
It was a little bit exciting.

I was contacted by a writer for the paper who asked to interview me for an article about my handmade business for the Orange city section of the OC Register.  I figured why not?!  I'm not going to pass on free advertising.  Plus it sounded fun to possibly be in the paper.
 A couple of my favorites from the article.
  Besides the fact that I just enjoy to create things the flexibility and ability to be with my family is what I love the most about what I do... which leads me right into sharing about the change I have made to the Etsy shop.
The change is I am going back to only listing items that are already made and ready to ship.  During my kids' spring break and now looking forward to summer I know that this is a good idea for me and my family.  Something that this change will mean is that there will not be all of the items, sizes and colors for you to choose from.  Only items that I have made will be listed.  So please feel free anytime you want to comment on any of my social media profiles or email me if there is a certain item you are hoping I'll be working on.  I'd love to know what the desired items are so I can be spending my working time wisely.  =)

Here are the items that are made and ready to ship and were listed to the shop this morning.

felt flower garlands

 bow ties

Hope you are all having a great weekend.

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  1. I think that is a great change. That's how I run my shop too. It's way too time consuming and stressful to be scrambling around working on made-to-order items and getting them shipped out in a timely manner. I love your shop :)