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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

spring break

We are currently three days back to school after a two week long Spring Break.
We didn't go on any big trips 
over the two weeks but we did take 
a few day trips to some fun places.

Going to the beach isn't all that big of a deal for us, except that we hadn't been in quite some time.  We would have been able to go back again over vacation except a certain mommy got a little too sunburnt.

 We took a day to spend at the San Diego Zoo.

  We sure had a treat when we just happened to be at the Lion exhibit during the time of their feeding.  He was so beautiful!

 We didn't travel far(or at all) for this one... but during Spring Break was our city's 125th birthday party!  We love where we live and since all four of us are natives of our city we couldn't miss out on the festivities!



 I have lived in So. Cal my entire life and have ventured to LA plenty of times during those many years, but for some reason I had never been to the Griffith Observatory! The kids and I finally made the trip there.


 Other then those few day trips we enjoyed some fun family time at home and a few quick trips to Disneyland of course!

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