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Saturday, October 12, 2013

week wrap up

This week started like all the weeks this fall have started...
 with a Sunday baseball game.  Isn't he just too cute!?

On game days when I feel a little extra spirited I wear this because our team is named Orange Crush.
This cute scene happened before Sunday's baseball game.  Grant enjoys reading the funnies and Ave enjoys listening.  I love these moments.  This is one of those images that I want copied and saved into my mind so that during the not so wonderful motherhood moments I can focus back to this.
 Exciting day for this girl when her new iPhone 5S arrived in the mail after it's long journey from China.  It was worth the wait and it even got me to take an actual "selfie".
 I started working on some various arrow designs for new garlands.
These two are the arrow options I am going to add to the Etsy shop soon.
 Both designs can be created in any color felt you need.
 Making the most of Grant's baseball practices.
 This custom order was a fun one to create and I hope to find some time to make a Minnie one soon.  I think Mickey and Minnie are probably popular enough that I will be adding this as a regular Etsy item.
 Please tell me I'm not the only person who has to clean and organize my work space before working!?
 Just when I thought I had made the last of the Fall Leaf garlands...

 A special moment with my girl this week was when she asked me to paint her nails.  It isn't something we do often.  She sat so still for me and she chatted all about her friends and school.  It was so nice.  I posted this pictures on Instagram with a note about how I look at this picture and shake my head.  I prayed for God to give me another boy when I was pregnant with Avery.  I was scared to have a girl.  I didn't know what a mother/daughter relationship looked like.  The whole thing made me so anxious.  God knew that this was a prayer that would go unanswered though.  He knew that this little girl would be a gift to me.  A gift to my experience of motherhood.  A gift for healing of old wounds.  Praise God for knowing our needs.
 I am happy that my local Starbucks and many other places I frequent are in this adorable place.  I love where we live.
 This week was the dead line for shipping off garlands for the It's Just Emmy garland exchange.  This was a little fundraiser for a girl that I follow on Instagram.  This was one of her many amazing and fun ideas to help her family raise money to adopt.

 On Wednesday the family decided to head to Disneyland.  It was raining... so it seemed like a great day to go.  I thought it would be less crowded because of the rain but boy was I wrong.  We still managed to get on a few rides and have some fun though!

Not the highlight of my week... but for sure a big part of it.  I am part of a MomsNext group and this month's speaker was on talking to our kids about sex.  I've recently been educating myself on the subject in relation to kids in this current time... and it has been pretty depressing to learn about all the things kids are exposed to and the young ages it's happening.   These are not the "good ol' days" and having the "sex talk" seems to be the least of our worries!  I should probably have organized this so that I wasn't ending on this awkward topic... but I'm not going to rearrange it all now.  Here's to keeping it real! =)

So, that was my week.  I hope you all had great ones!


  1. I love your new arrow garlands! :) Love that picture of you painting your little girl's nails...sweet moment! I hope I get a little girl of my own someday to do fun girly stuff like this with...although I have to say boy stuff is even more fun than I imagined it could be!

    1. Boy stuff is SO MUCH fun. I love watching my son play baseball.... I HATE when I have to miss his games. The girl stuff has grown on me though too. Avery brings out the girlie in me. ;) Thanks for loving my arrow garlands... I am hoping to add them to the shop soon.