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Sunday, December 29, 2013

New in the Shop

Please don't hate me like you hate Michael's for already having out their Valentine's Day decor. =) I love Christmas and it was wonderful.  I actually still have all my decorations up.  I am in no hurry for it to be over and don't mean to skip over New Years or anything... but you guys, these are just too cute not to share with you all!

For those who have been following my shop for a year or more, you may remember that last year I had two VDay garlands.  One that had all felt hearts with white X's and O's randomly throughout the strand... and then one that had all felt hearts with some hearts having white lace layered on top of them.  The hearts with lace didn't get to sell in my Etsy shop because it was part of a big wholesale purchase through Terrain.  That is a long story(not all good) for another day.  Lets just say I learned that I like my small business small.   Wholesale can be wonderful in certain situations... mainly when selling to small boutiques that are small businesses themselves.  Selling to a company like Terrain, owned by Urban... not so small, not so fun.  In the end I felt like I was China.  That is the best way I can describe it.  On the positive side it was a great learning experience for me and obviously it was pretty exciting to be sought out after by such a large corporation.  I'm mainly excited that this Valentine's Day I can put all my creating efforts into making things for you all and not mainly into creating for a big corp. =)
 Back to the cuteness of this year's creations.  I have learned that I love my garlands most when they are layered.  This creates more style and more uniqueness to them.  No two garlands will ever be exactly the same once I begin layering, stacking and sewing these together.  I chose to use a combination of felt, fabrics and two laces for this year's hearts.  Very few hearts are left just as a single felt piece... most end up layered with two or three pieces of sweetness.  I brought back the X's and O's because of how popular they have been the past two years.  This year I went with grey instead of white and I decided to layer them on top of the hearts and I LOVE that change!

 Several months ago I began creating arrow garlands and they have been a hit.  Clearly when I began brainstorming ideas for Valentine's I knew my arrows would have to be incorporated somewhere.  Do you know that you can also order an all arrow garland from the shop and request it in all red, pink, or any combo of Valentine colors you wish?  That would be adorable layered with one of the Shabby Chic heart garlands.

I am also offering the addition of a word or two on your Shabby Chic garland.  There are so many cute possibilities with that option!
Shabby Chic Heart Garland with wording
(offerend in lengths 5' to 10'   $20-$30)

(offerend in lengths 5' to 10'   $18-$28)

(offerend in lengths 5' to 10'   $17-$27)

(offerend in lengths 5' to 10'   $17-$27)

(offerend in lengths 5' to 10'   $17-$27)

 There are currently four Valentine's Day garland designs available for order in the Etsy shop.  I have two more still trapped in my brain that I'm hoping to create soon.

Happy Monday.


  1. Love love love these Andrea! They are perfect :)
    Happy New Year friend! Let's get together and get crafty this year. We'll drag Cathy along too :)

  2. Oh my goodness, your work is darling!! How do I order??? Please email me at katylukes at gmail dot com