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Saturday, April 26, 2014

celebrating Easter

It's not too late to share about our Easter, is it?
Hope not... because here I go.

Just a few days before Easter I shared this shot on instagram with this caption: I almost had an anxiety attack over the fact that THIS weekend is Easter and no eggs have been dyed, no chalkboard has been written on, no decor is hung, no baskets have been filled... and then I remembered the adorable print I bought from @fortheloveshop and I quickly got over myself. 
 I thought this print was just the cutest thing when I bought it a month before Easter and then life got busy and busier and I forgot that it was still wrapped up in its shipping envelope under a pile of things somewhere... until the morning I had the stressed out moment revolving around all the Easter stuff I hadn't done.  This print came to mind and I ran to unwrap it and made sure to display it right where I'd see it.

But then fast forward two days to Easter morning and I was able to get something written on the chalkboard, a garland hung and baskets cute little suitcases were filled.  There was no dying of eggs this year though.  The kids never even asked about egg decorating which may be the reason.

Something I love to do with our kids during both the Christmas and Easter seasons are read through those stories in their Jesus Storybook Bible.  Do you have this book?  If you have kids you should for sure get it.  Actually, maybe even if you don't have kids... I LOVE the way the Bible stories are written and illustrated in it.

Do your kids believe in the Easter Bunny?
My 9 year old does not and hasn't believed since he was 3!  My 5 1/2 year old does and she is serious about her belief!  No one can tell her anything to stop.  She left this little picture for the Easter Bunny under our doormat... so I attempted to leave bunny prints leaving our porch and then took the picture so she'd see he was there.  She totally freaked out.  Then she touched one of the footprints piles of flour and licked her finger and said, "ohhhh the Easter Bunny has batter footprints momma!"  She is so fun!

Now onto the celebrations...
We had an early celebration on Saturday with all of Bryan's family.  He is one of four kids and there are a total of six grand kids so it was a fun day.

How many cousins can you fit on a trampoline.
We definitely went over the safety recommendation.

Easter Sunday we went to church and then met friends of ours at their family's beach house.  Bryan had to work this year on Easter and since we met with family on Saturday... the kids and I had no plans other then church, which made this an extra sweet invitation.

Oh how I love these two!!!!

Have you ever seen an Easter PiƱata!?!?!?  So fun!

My favorite pictures from the day have to be the little girls playing in the ocean while in their Easter dresses.  The cuteness level is just so high I can hardly stand it!

It was obviously a great day.  I mean... this was my view!  There was a moment during this day, sitting in this spot when I smirked to myself and thought, okay California, you win... you win. (you may need to know a little about our recent almost move to Texas to fully enjoy that thought I had)

I hope you all had great Easter weekends.

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