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Friday, October 5, 2012


i guess i've forgotten about flashback fridays.
haven't done one since august.

as i just greeted grant with a "happy friday"
as he walked in the door from school,
i thought about flashback friday posts.
so here i am sharing some flashbacks with ya.

to this same exact day
three years ago

avery was almost 14 months old
and grant was a little past 4 1/2.

 look at what a snuggly girl she was. she still
is, but something about the smaller versions of
my babies is a little more snuggly.

 and then here we have grant, i mean superman!
he was trying out that year's halloween costume.

that year avery was super girl.  i made her costume.
this just reminded me of a craft i have had on my 
mind's to-do list... making grant a sign that says, 
"sometimes being a big brother 
is better then being a superhero"
for grant, this wouldn't just be a cute sign with a
sweet saying to hang in his room... this would be
truth.  he is and i pray he always 
will be avery's real life superhero.

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