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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

off to school

my littlest started her first day of school today.  this wasn't planned to happen until next year.  which is why she is starting several weeks into this present school year.  she has one of those late summer birthdays and our plan has always been to wait until the summer she turns six(two more years) to start kinder.  grant only had one year of preschool. so that was the path we were planning for avery too.  it worked well for grant.  plans change though.  kids are different. needs are different.  a few weeks ago it became apparent to us that avery was very ready for school.  that she actually needed school.  after talking to friends and looking into schools we chose one that was a great fit for us.  she will go just two days a week, but for full days.  she was so excited the week after we signed her up.  everyday she would ask how many more sleeps until she goes to school.

this morning was a little hard.  not on her, just for me.  it's a rough day as a mom when you realize this is the last time you will do the first day of school.  it was especially hard when we got to school and as i signed her in she just ran off before saying good-bye or hugging me.  i yelled across the playground "bye avery" hoping she'd remember me and run back to give me a proper send off.  instead, she barely even looked my direction from the swing she had already climbed onto and said, "bye mama, see ya later."  that is when i realized she was way more ready for this day than i was.


it was a quiet day.  i kept trying to figure out what was so strange about it.  the strange part was the quiet and being alone.  it was strange to not hear avery talk and sing all the way through our day.  strange to not be picking up toys all day long.  strange sad for me to sew without my mini me with her mini sewing machine next to me.  to not be asked for snacks every twenty minutes.  it was just... quiet.  i wasn't going to let myself be sad though... so i went and got a pedicure.  first one since june.  it was oh so nice.  and quiet.  and let's be real, this whole quiet thing might grow on me.

i was even able to sit and do some creating without feeling like i was neglecting my girl.  there have been plenty of days that i have let her watch way too much tv so that i could get some projects done.  it felt much better more guilt free for that to not be the case today.

grant had a minimum day at school, so he got out a couple of hours before avery did.  i was excited for this.  alone time, just me and him.  something i miss and enjoy.  as we headed for our rootbeer float date, my phone rang.  it was avery's school.  i immediately thought something bad.  you see... she isn't the compliant pleaser of a kid that grant is.  she is a little more... ummmmm colorful.  beats to her own drum kinda girl.  i was so happy relieved to hear that she was doing great.  they called to assure me her first day was a success and that her teacher was very pleased with the way she jumped right in and interacted so well.  yay!  hopefully that continues.

while she finished up her first day of preschool grant and i enjoyed rootbeer floats and a trip to the library.  yes, this was his choice and as we left the library he said, "this was the funnest day ever!"  he makes me smile.

when i picked avery up from her first day of school i was so thankful that she was happy to see me.  she ran straight for me and hugged and kissed me!  she said, "i love school!" and then as we walked out the door she shouted back at the remaining kids in her classroom, "goodbye friends! see you thursday."  

it was a good day for all of us and starting school was clearly the right decision for avery... and maybe even for me too.

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