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Friday, October 5, 2012

pin to win

during the holiday season things get busy in both the shopping and decorating world.  i have already noticed sales pick up in my etsy shop... which is so fun, wonderful, and i'm really grateful for it.  while looking into the top few traffic sources that feed into my shop i was surprised to see that pinterest is usually at the top or near to it.  discovering that made me think of an idea for this giveaway, which i'm going to call...

pin to win

if you want to participate, here is what you will do... pin!  you can choose to pin any picture in my etsy shop or any picture of something i've made from any of my blog posts.  you could also pin as many pictures as you want.  you get one entry per pin... so really, your possibilities are pretty endless.  please leave a comment here on this page for each of your pins.  also in your comment tell me what it was and if it was from etsy or blog.  remember, you will earn one giveaway entry for each picture you pin.  the winning prize will be your choice of a garland from my etsy shop or a custom one.

go do some pinning

thank you for participating and pinning for me.  it is a way for you to help grow my business and i am grateful for those of you who believe in my handmade items and believe in me enough to do that.  it means a lot.  really.  so, thank you!


  1. I hope no one has any issues with commenting here. For some reason I have had a few people in the recent past say that there are issues with this blog and commenting. I really hope that all pinning entry comments could be in one place... and that place be here. But, if for some reason you have a problem and can't comment here, then write your pinning entry comment(s) on the Aidie's Hideaway Facebook wall. Thanks!

  2. I pinned photos 2 & 3 on this post. Love the garlands!

    1. this will count as two entries for you. =)

  3. I pinned a flower cluster hair piece! I did a separate comment for each of my pins....that's what you wanted, right? Love this idea!