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Saturday, December 29, 2012

capturing life via phone

i haven't shared my iphone pics here since december 1st and i have recently joined the world of instagram and boy is it fun. but due to those two facts i have a TON of pictures to share!  today we are keeping busy clearing away all the christmas decor and putting our house back to normal.  i am also in the midst of preparing my first order as a terrain vendor...still not sure if i am excited or freaked out about this!?

i want to be friends with the awesome person who made and hung these up around our city.

ave's first ever class christmas party

daddy graduated!  horray!
do you remember fashion plates from your childhood!?
i was so so excited to find them for avery.

wearing my turband by sew chatty.
check out her shop here.
we upgraded our old canon dslr to this badboy(canon 7D) and called it my hubby's grad gift since he wanted it more than i did.

this little girl has the most amazing imagination.  she can play pretend with anything.  anything.  here she is pretending these hangers are a family and they are flying together.  recently at dinner she created a family out of grains of rice.  not kidding.
and this one is our reader.  loves to read. he asked for, and received a kindle for christmas.  how could we pass on that request!?
another cavity free trip to the dentist.  so far the kids do not take after their momma who has a mouth full of fillings.  yuck.
i can't justify a pair of hunters although i do love them.  but i am loving my target rain boots and think they are pretty darn cute.  take that overpriced hunter boots!

bryan took some fun pictures of me with his new camera.  my first solo photoshoot.  felt strange without my kiddos and family around me.  times like this i realize how shy i am.

blessed to have family who lives on del mar beach.  we celebrated an early christmas there.  so cal winters are so rough!

we finally rented despicable me.  have you seen it?  so so funny.  a little bit of potty humor here and there, but in good fun.  
i kept seeing the tree snowglobes on instagram this season and just had to make some. while shopping in the mission supply section of Michaels for the trees i came across the orange trees.  as a girl who was born and raised in the city of orange and has a little orange grove of her own, i had to buy them and make my own personal orange tree globe.  i was tempted to add snow but didn't.  the falling oranges are more appropriate anyhow.

christmas morning after opening up gifts with our little family at home we packed up and headed for arrowhead.

avery wanted to build a snowman so bad but there was very little snow... so we made a mini snowman.

it snowed a little bit the morning after christmas.  this was the first time she ever saw falling snow.
this was the biggest pile i could find.
lake arrowhead
as soon as we got back home daddy had to go to work building avery's christmas present... her new barbie soho townhouse.  not sure who scored more with this gift, avery or barbie!?
our "puppy" duke is huge!  like he is almost as big as our 110lb nine year old lab... and he is only six months.  yikes!
here are the 2,178 hearts that are all cut for my terrain order.  now i just need to sew these into 66 garlands and ship them out to the east coast by the 3rd!  i will still be making the garlands like last year's with the hearts and the xo for the etsy shop... hopefully by next week.
proof of christmas going away.  what was my tree is now a pile of ornaments.

did you make it through all of those!?  if you want to follow me on instagram i'd love it!  my name on there is aidieshideaway.

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