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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

makes me smile

I have shared before about how I was scared to have a daughter.  I wanted and even prayed for all boys.  Grant was amazing and "easy" from pregnancy on, I felt comfortable with the idea of boys, and for a hundred other reasons(silly and valid) I just wanted to stick with what I knew, which was boys.  Little did I know God's plans for me.  He didn't answer my prayers for all boys.  He gave me Avery... and boy oh boy is she a girl!  He shows me why He gave her to me and to our family.  
Over time all of the girlie things I was so scared of have become things I love about her, things I admire in her, and even things I have learned from her!
 She enjoys the typical walk in mom's shoes.  
She only chooses to do this in my high heels though.
The other day she watched me as I dressed.  Then we went to her bedroom to get her dressed.  I let her pick out her own outfit piece by piece and after we got it all on her she said, "Look mama we are twins!" with a big smile on her face.
Sure enough... this little girl did her best to pick out an outfit just like her mama's.  As silly and even minuscule as that may have been, it made my heart smile.  She makes my heart smile, and my face smile, and makes me laugh out loud every day.  
 She is hilarious and so darn full of personality she can't go anywhere or meet anyone without making them smile too.  
She is my example of why God doesn't always answer my prayers... why I need to trust Him with all of my life and that over time His plan is better. His plan may not be what we asked for but He usually has a whole bunch of things to show us and teach us through living out His plan.  And really, His plan for my second child couldn't have come in a more adorable package than my Avery!
Thankful for this little girl.

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