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Sunday, January 6, 2013

our new year in pictures

2013 so far
how we rang in the new year... asleep.

i was a very busy bee for the first few days of the new year

turning a couple thousand felt and lace hearts

into sixty-six of these cute garlands.

 i was very happy to have made my first bulk order deadline as a terrain vendor.

we have done a fair amount of relaxing in the new year too!  enjoying our final week of the kids being on school vacation.

 i had hoped to exercise a little more often in the new year.  which considering i hadn't exercised at all in over a year... anything would be "more".  so far i have ran two days of the six that we've had in this new year. =)  something is better than nothing.

i bought these two books to start up a daily devotional each day.

the kids have both enjoyed reading and talking through it.  it only takes a short time but has such a lasting impression on them both..  it has been a great blessing this new year.

the new year starting up for our family also means the little league season is just around the corner!  grant had his tryout yesterday.
and so it begins! yayyyy. =)

last night was the final night of school vacation.  we had friends over for pizza and some wii dancing fun.  check out my boy shake it!  hahahahaha.

emma and avery

faith and andrea

here's to a wonderful new year!

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