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Saturday, July 13, 2013

capturing life via phone

*THIS POST WAS TECHNICALLY WRITTEN JULY 13TH. I had some issues with the app I was using and the almost non-existent wifi on our vacation so I was not able to publish this post until now, July 23rd. =)

I am currently sitting in the passenger seat of the car as we are headed for a week long family vaca. I haven't been here on this blog in a couple of months. Longer? Maybe. I'm currently doing this post 100% from my iPhone which is strange and I've never done this. I'm using an app I bought several months ago when I thought I might be on my way to blogging more often. The opposite has happened. But here I am! What else do I do during this 5+ hour drive? Reading makes me feel sick. So far typing hasn't. So, while I'm here I'm going to update with a whole bunch of iPhone pictures and happenings since I am like 10 weeks behind!

The kids both wrapped up their school year in mid-June. Avery will be moving on to Kindergarten and Grant to 3rd grade next school year... which is only a month away or something crazy like that! Avery starting Kinder will be a big deal and hit me hard once it's here and happening, but for now it's just exciting to me.

Grant finished his regular Spring season of baseball and then played a two-week tourney with a 7/8 year old All-Star team. We are greatly looking forward to the Fall Ball season to begin.  Have I mentioned we love baseball? Ha!

With both school and baseball over we had some time to enjoy summer with the lack of schedules.  I LOVE not having a schedule!

The kids had a great time during their week of VBS

We went on our annual camping trip to Minaret Falls Campground and had a wonderful four-day weekend there. Hopefully I will share more of that later.

It's such an amazing and gorgeous place. I have to blog every year and post lots of pictures even though they may look the same as the previous year.

This years' garden is a happy one and Avery and I love being in it.

We spent 4th of July at Bryan's sister's house. They have a fun super kid-friendly block party every year.

4th of July weekend Ashley from The Shine Project had a Threads booth in Huntington Beach. I couldn't miss this opportunity to shop the adorable jewelry line locally with no shipping, and to finally be able to meet Ashley in person. She was just as sweet in person as she has been via her blog, instagram and emails. If you've been reading this blog for anytime at all you've heard me talk about The Shine Project and Ashley.  It's all awesome and you can learn more about it if you go HERE.

In my spare time I've been keeping busy with Aidie's Hideaway. Recently it has been all garlands. Lots and lots of them. I've been having Insta-Sales on Instagram and I just love it. The community(yes I called it community) on there is truly great and supportive. I've had not just success, but also fun and have been totally blessed in many ways by the people who follow and support me and Aidie's Hideaway on there.

Now this crazy and awesome family I get to be a part of is on our way to Hume Lake for a whole week. This is our third year in a row staying in the same beautiful cabin and sharing the trip with many other families. I believe there will be 25 adults and over 30 kids in our group this year! So fun. Can't wait. We are almost there and with that I will conclude this catch up post.

I hope you're all making the most of your summer.

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