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Saturday, October 19, 2013

week wrap up

This week has been long.
It has had it's typical days and some rough ones. 
We made it through though and that has to 
count for something after a week like this.

 We went on a family shopping trip that led us to finally check out the local Land of Nod store.  Holy cuteness you guys! Avery tried out every teepee, playhouse, and puppet stand the place had while Bryan and Grant enjoyed a game of foosball.  The kids both began Christmas wish lists while there.  Oh boy.

 This girl is taking her kindergarten learning serious.  She made me sit through a lesson on patterns.  This is no joke.

 Still loving gymnastics.  She has started to ask about going more then once a week.

 Avery had an official play date this week.
 They painted pumpkins and played restaurant among other things.

 Thursday as we got into my car to head to school Grant pointed out that our cactus had a flower.  I took the extra time to snap this picture even though we were running late to school.  It was beauty that I wanted to pause for... because I knew I was preparing for a hard day.  The day before I had received a call from my mom that my grandma most likely only had days left to live.  She was diagnosed for a third time with cancer months ago.  After many weeks of chemo treatments she was told her cancer was not responsive and that they couldn't continue to fight it.  She had beat cancer two previous times in her life and I'd be lying if I didn't admit what a great disappointment this news was to her and our family.
I dropped the kids off at school and made the hour trip to my grandma's.  She looked much worse then the week before.  A total different scene.  It was a tough visit but there were moments of beauty.  I was happy that she was awake most of the time and although she had little strength to talk she knew I was there and was responsive as I talked to her and held her hand.  She smiled as we went through old pictures.  I came across this picture of my grandma and mom on her wedding day.  This one made my grandma smile and her eyes lit up.  She is a wonderful woman and has lived a life filled with serving others before herself.

 Bryan had to pick the kids up from school because I couldn't make it home from my grandma's in time.  This meant he had to take them while he taught his last class of the day.  And since they sat through it they got to run wild on one of the trucks.  I got there just in time to see this part of their day and it restored my spirit.  Oh to be a child again.

 Avery is a funny girl and I wish I was better at documenting the things she says.
As we got into my car she told us, "We need to give this car a name.  Like... the Jolly Roger!"
Then later that same night she came into our bedroom with a headband as an eye patch and let out an, "Arrrrghh."
I'll give you one guess what she wants to be for Halloween this year!?

Grant's Fall season games have been on Sundays but today his team played an additional scrimmage against a team not in our league.  So this weekend we get to have a Saturday and Sunday morning baseball game.  I can't lie... I love it.

happy weekend everyone!

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  1. We'll be praying for you guys during this tough time with your grandma... It's so hard but I'm so glad you were able to spend some time with her.
    Love the pics of the kids as always! =)