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Sunday, August 5, 2012

"follower" giveaway winner

A few of you, at least those who entered to win,
probably remember this giveaway I started
up along with the start up of this blog.

For those who don't remember or kinda forget
here is what the giveaway was all about.

*to help me get this blog up and running I'd love and appreciate you to add yourself as a follower of this blog... only if you like it, that is.  the first 50 followers will be entered into a drawing to win $35 in their choice of Aidie's Hideaway product.

Has the blog reached 50 followers?
No, it has not.

 I've decided not to track followers any longer.

But before I go and erase that little follower gadget on the side of the blog,
I wanted to make sure to give credit to all of those who did support this blog
and me by following!  So, in keeping to the giveaway plan I did the drawing... 
you each had a lot less competition than if there had been 50 followers.

The winner was

which is
Chantelle Perez

please email me Chantelle at
so you can tell me how you want to spend your $35

Thanks again to each of you who took the time to add yourself as a follower of this blog.
I hope you've enjoyed a couple things on here along the way.

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