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Monday, November 5, 2012

dipped pine cone garland

some of you may be familiar with my etsy shop and know that i make a lot of garlands.  most are not for my home though.  i make them, hang them in my home for the purpose of photographing them... and then they sell, and i have to ship them off so that they can cutely hang in someone else's home.  as i read over that it sounds like i am not happy about it... but truly i love all those someone else's who decorate their homes with my handmade garlands! =)

anyway.... when fall was on it's way i got the idea to make some sort of natural material garland for my home.  something the kids could help with.  using pine cones was one of the first things i thought of... but wasn't convinced the idea made sense or that it would be cute.  then, i came across this blog post and loved the idea of dipping the pine cones in a creamy paint color for just a little added something!

it took several weeks for us to collect enough pine cones for the craft.  i wanted small pine cones.  we have a pine tree in our backyard that makes huge ones and the ones you can buy in stores right now weren't the right size either.  plus i did want some variations in their look.  the kids and i found a pine tree down the street from us that dropped somewhat smallish pine cones.  not exactly as small as i was hoping for... but since we live in the area of palm trees and not pine trees i was just going to have to make do with what we had!  after many walks and bike rides by that tree we were finally ready to create our garland.

here is how we did it... the pictures explain it all.  it's that easy!




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