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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

a little bit of everything

School has officially been in session for three weeks as of today.  I am still a little in shock, although very grateful, for how easy the transition has been.  Both the kids love their teachers and have had all good things to say everyday after school.  Avery has had no problem adjusting to school or the fact that it's a full-day Kinder.  Even our morning routine and drop off have been a breeze.
I don't mean to brag, but seriously  it's been amazing.  Hoping that it keeps up this way and at the same time preparing that it may not.  For now I will fully enjoy it and be happy.

Now with both kids in school I decided it was time that I joined a gym!  What?!  Crazy, I know.  But I went and did it... and I've kinda been liking it.  Even the part when I wake up sore in the morning.  It's a good sore.

I have been trying to talk Avery into cutting her long hair for several months now.  There's a lot I could write about here... like how attached she was to her hair... how much people would tell her how gorgeous her hair is all the time... how she actually told me once that she couldn't cut it because she wouldn't be beautiful anymore.  It seems like a silly thing but it's not.  How much emphasis we all put on outer beauty to our little girls is a big deal.  A bigger deal then we think.  In the midst of these conversations with her she'd ask me why I am trying so hard to grow my hair long?  She'd ask me why I die my hair a color it's not naturally?  These were good conversations I had with her.  It reminded me of how much my little girl watches and listens to all I do and say and she soaks it all up.  
Anyhow... back to the haircut part.  So after months and months of wanting her to cut her hair but her saying "no" she came home from the first week of Kindergarten saying she wanted to cut it short.. to her shoulders short.  She told us that lots of girls in kindergarten had short hair and that they are all still beautiful.  She was so excited to cut it.  I was so happy she had gotten past the whole long hair attachment thing. And Oh boy was I looking forward to less washing and brushing drama!

Still as beautiful and sassy as before!
 The best part for me is that she can actually wash and brush her own hair now.  The long hair was too much for her to manage on her own.  It was always a crying and screaming filled ordeal even though I used the no tangles products and the "wet brush".  Now she can not only do it all by herself but she smiles while she does it!  
Praise God for short hair.
Same ol' Avery, just with 9 inches less hair.

With the start of school also came the start of the Fall baseball season.  This is Grant's first year playing during the Fall season.  He had his first game this past Sunday and I have to admit that I was so excited and it felt so right to be back out watching my little man play the sport he loves more than anything.
It is the one time I can take pictures of him like crazy without him getting mad... so you better believe I take my Canon and zoom lens out to all the games. Yes, I'm so that mom.  But look how cute he is!

The last update I have to share since school started would be work.  I have been able to have a lot more designated work time and I have been very busy creating Fall pieces.  The shop is filled with them and they've been selling like hot cakes. I'm so thankful for this.  And overwhelmed at certain moments... but more thankful.

  You can visit the shop to see more pictures, pricing and availability on all of these Fall pieces. 

 Hoping that everyone else has been enjoying the back-to-school season and getting some time in for what you want to do.


  1. I just found your blog from Julie's blog, and I love it! I can't wait to read more and to create my wish list from your shop! Have a great week!

  2. I found your blog from a few 5 on Friday linkups, and I just love your garlands! I'll have to go check them out! Your daughter's haircut is fabulous! I'm glad that will make life easier for you! :)