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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

can planters

i am so loving school being back in session
and having free time to do projects
that are fun and make me happy.

before i show you what i worked on today

we have a big grey block wall 
in our backyard that is 
big and grey!
and that's all it is.  it has had a few planters
hung on it since it was built but i wanted to add
some more fun and color to it.  then i thought about
that above inspiration from pinterest,
and then i made a trip to what i like to call
our own personal treasure box.
 which would also be known as our garage
 which is also known as 
my great grandfather's garage 
  whenever i need an old jar, can, box, or anything
old, i go to our treasure box, and am never disappointed!

now back to the project
  these are the four cans i decided to work with.

 my cute assistant helped me make holes in the
bottoms of the cans for water to drain from

  then my husband(my other cute assistant)
 drilled holes in the backs of them
so i could hang them onto nails that we already
had in the block wall from past planters

that is the can hanging on the nail.
if you do not already have hooks/nails on your wall like me
you can use a masonry bit on your drill to create a hole
in your block wall.  that is what my hubby says anyhow.
he also mentioned the use of a hammer drill?
and clearly this could be done to a big boring wood fence
too and so much easier... with just normal nails! =)

i didn't want to deal with all that stuff so i
just worked with the nails that we already had in the wall.
and again my adorable assistant helped me
fill them with soil so we could plant in them.

 at some point she was distracted away from our work

 it really doesn't get much better than that!?

 as much as i liked the plain tin ones on pinterest
and the painted cans that i have also seen on pinterest,
there is something fun about using these old cans
just the way they are!

 here it is finished.
well finished for today.  the block wall actually keeps on going
and is just as big and grey over there too.  so i have more planters
and plants to hang in the next couple of days.

nothing wrong with getting the gardening bug
at the end of the summer, right?!
and we are kinda having a large end of the summer
bash here over the weekend... nothing like hosting
a party to get me into the spruce this place up mood!

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