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Friday, August 31, 2012


to this same week
three years ago

avery had just had her first birthday
and grant was 41/2

the craziest thing about this flashback for me
is how much things have not changed in three years

 cherry on top is still a favorite 
regular treat for our family

 utilizing our local outdoor shopping malls
and all their free or cheap entertainment
is still something our family enjoys doing

 plastic pools are still being used 
in our yard during the hot summer days

and most importantly these two still
play together and love each other 
way more and better than bryan and i 
ever even knew to hope for.

as much as things haven't changed in three years... i look at these pictures and can't believe this was three years ago!  look at those babies.  what happened to them!?  boy have they changed!  they are so big and old and not squishy anymore.  i look at these pictures and it seems so long ago... like a whole lifetime ago.
before i get all sad and start to miss my two chubby babes who loved their binkies, blankies, and hot milk... i'm going to stop.

this family is looking forward to a fun three day weekend.  we have lots of stuff going on around here to keep us busy.  hope that its a fun and safe holiday weekend for everyone!

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