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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

fun update

some of you already know bits of the story behind aidie's hideaway, and the way it began.  if you want to know more you can read a little about it here.  it for sure did not begin from an organized business plan that i spent lots of time on.  i have played a lot of catch up from the very beginning.  a lot of trial and error.  and that is still going on.   this summer i took a break from creating.  and by break, i mean i slowed down... i didn't go without creating.  that would never work for me.  creating on some level is a must for this girl.  anyhow, i slowed down the amount of time and energy i was putting into aidie's over the summer.  i enjoyed my family and some summer fun.  i was able to figure out a little better what i want out of this little business of mine.  once the kids were back to school i began creating again and filling my Etsy shop back up.  there was a good response, which boosted my confidence in my product and my drive to continue to create more and new items.  

picture of my advertisement on the shine project blog

also the recent partnering with ashley from the shine project helped me get my feet wet with the whole idea of advertising via blogs and what not.  not only was it fun and easier to do than i had thought... but there has been a great response from it.
picture of my giveaway on the shine project blog

picture of my advertisement on casey leigh blog
then i also decided to advertise on another one of my favorite blogs, casey leigh.
picture of my giveaway on casey leigh blog

advertising on those two blogs this month has been great.  i really do recommend advertising to those of you who may want to promote your shops or blogs.  it is true what you read... it is worth it and i think the connections you make along the way are really beneficial on both a business and personal level.

i was super excited yesterday to see that ashley posted this blog entry about how to wear aidie's hideaway bows.  not only is she adorable, but she has great style... and well, she has over 5,000 blog followers and almost 6,500 on facebook.  can't complain about the added bonus of that kind of exposure.  my etsy shop has never seen such traffic. 

i am really thankful for people who are so supportive, encouraging and helpful in the ways of helping others grow their business.  ashley and casey are for sure two of those awesome kind of people.  and they both have really encouraging blogs if you like to read that sorta thing.  you know i do. =)

now i want to share a few new items that were just added today to my etsy shop.  and also remind you about this giveaway that is still going on.  you have until sunday, october 28th to pin and win.  i will be drawing a winner from all the pins that night.  read here for more info on the giveaway.  

below are some more pinning options and the new items just listed to my shop... don't forget to let me know that you pin so you are entered to win!

if you are participating in the pin to win giveaway... feel free to comment on any blog entry or on my facebook page to let me know about your pins.

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  1. I am so excited about this!! I've been wanting to get some bows but couldn't figure out how to pull it off, lol