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Monday, December 24, 2012

christmas house tour

not sure about you, but i love to decorate for christmas. i love to decorate period. i enjoy rearranging our house and creating new fun spaces and focal pieces in our little home whenever i can. christmas is the holiday i decorate the most for. i just love it. i wish it could stay all year long. when i take it all down i always feel like the house is empty. i love to see other people's decorated houses so i thought i'd share mine. plus, my hubs got a pretty kick butt new camera for his graduation/christmas gift and it is so fun to play with.

i'll start with this shot that captures a  little glimpse of most of our decorated spots.

now we are in the dining room which is where we decided to have our tree this year.  every year it has a new spot.  i change around our furniture so often that the tree has never fit in the same spot twice.  i made the tree skirt last year.  super simple... you just need a lot of fabric and a lot of glue sticks. i didn't follow a tutorial and this one looks a little different then mine but go here if you are curious on how to make one like this.

in the dining room is where the kids art wall is and during the holidays we use it to display some of their holiday creations. if you are curious about how i created this art wall you can find the details here.

 the space that connects our dining and living areas is where our giant painted chalkboard is. it is where we typically hang art, announcements, birthday cards and invitations... during the christmas season we hang all of our christmas cards there.

our mantle is not traditional.  it is part of a built in wood shelf system that is like an entire wall.  there is no real mantle start or stop to it so i just have to frame it our with decorations. then there is this massive attached mirror i have to work with.  it is kinda hard to decorate and very hard to photograph because of all the reflections.
 as you can see we do not use our fireplace. so many people think we are just awful for having a fireplace and not using it.  sorry if you are one of those people.  we used to use it.

 this is the part of the living room you see in all the mirror reflections above.  our poor naked couch used to be covered in colorful pillows until our puppy thought they were chew toys for the backyard.

 i finally made these cute little
anthropologie knock offs i keep seeing all over instagram.  i just love them.  they will make a great little handmade present for my sitter-in-laws.

 of course i had to save one for myself too.

 i realized i didn't take any outside or door wreath pictures... but owell.  i hope everyone has a wonderful christmas eve today and christmas day tomorrow.  our eve celebrations begin in a few hours and i am still in pajamas... and it's one o'clock!  yikes.


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