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Saturday, May 24, 2014

scenes from the studio

A couple of days ago I actually logged on to my Pinterest account, something I rarely do.  I logged on with good intentions to clean up, organize and add to my boards... but didn't make it that far.  I ended up distracted by all the old bows and flowers that I long ago pinned to my "hair pretties" board.  I spent all of the Pinterest allotted time I had given myself reminiscing on how this handmade business began and all that has happened since.  If you didn't already know that little bit of history, yes, this whole thing started with hair accessories.  It feels like a long time ago.  That doesn't have much to do with this post other then the fact that it's fresh on my mind.  If you follow @aidieshideaway on Instagram you may or may not already get your fill of studio pics but I am thinking(and warning you) that this will become a regular post.  I will share shots from my studio space, shots of projects in the midst of being creating, and will also include new items that you'll be able to find in the shop.

^^ So thankful for my husband who built me this giant work table. ^^
 It is always covered in work and I'd be lost without it.

 ^^ That wall may seem a little bland but that's because it is the wall I use to display and photograph my garlands, so it needs to be a neutral backdrop so they don't have anything to compete with. ^^

 ^^ Wild Flower Garlands are created in large batches. First, all the many different flower layers are cut in many different colors of felt.  Next, the layers and colors are brought together piece by piece to create the finished flowers. Then, as seen in this shot, I handpick the flowers one at a time and place them in their group needed for each garland.  I have learned that this is the best way for the garlands to end up with just the perfect mix and balance of colors and shapes. ^^

 ^^ The studio almost always has a large stash of candy somewhere.  I need a sign to hang that reads, "this workspace is fueled on sugar and music" ^^

 ^^ I try to work the majority of my hours while the kids are in school... but I have come to realize and accept it just isn't possible to only work while they are gone.  Avery actually enjoys spending time in the studio with me... some paint and a movie(and maybe a little of that mentioned candy) typically make the time pass quickly.   ^^

 ^^ Jumbo Daisy garland requested in neutral colors. ^^

  ^^ Star garland requested in 4th of July colors. ^^

   ^^ Daisy garland ^^

   ^^ Wild Flower garland ^^
This garland is a customer favorite and the last several times I've re-listed it in the shop it has sold out in minutes... so whenever you do see it available I'd advise not taking your time in checkout. 

I really am loving this little business of mine and am still daily in awe of how it has grown and just how amazing my customers are... and if you are one of them, "Thank You!"

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