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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

not our usual summer

Our summer began buried in projects. We had hoped to list our home for sale mid-May but that time came and passed and we weren't ready.  Once summer vacation from school began and baseball came to an end we finally had enough time to spend on the many projects we needed to finish... and those projects are essentially how we spent the first half of summer.  If I sit and think about it like that I get a little sad for my kids.  We haven't made one trip to the beach... not that I'm a huge beach fan anyway... but when you live where we do you feel like summer isn't complete without at least one beach day.  We only went on one of our two annual summer trips and it was shorter than usual.  We haven't gotten out much at all... unless you count trips to Home Depot, IKEA and looking at houses getting out.  But as I look through the pictures I've taken I realize maybe a summer at home is just what we needed... it is our last summer in this home after all.

Grant climbed our big avocado tree for the first time this summer and he hasn't stopped since. I have lots of childhood memories of doing the same in this exact tree.

Our sunflowers were beautiful when they were all in bloom.

One isn't enough... but the one date night we were able to get away for this summer was a good one.

 I could easily just repeat this exact date every week.
It was THAT good.

 We have managed to enjoy several summer backyard fires.

I've lost count of Domino and UNO games I've played. 


 They've helped me with a couple BIG Aidie's Hideaway shopping trips.

Avery continues to cut, create, and sew her own little garlands.  Santa may need to bring her a sewing machine.

 Summer means church outside.

I am so thankful for these two and the relationship they have. 

One of the many projects was finishing the railing on the garage stairs and deck.  It created a nice little space to sit and enjoy the early morning or late afternoon.

Two months later then we had thought we'd list... July 19th was the day the sign went in the ground.

 This silly dog can climb the fence to get into the garden... but then can't get out.  So he locks himself in there all the time... dog problems.

  This boy was excited to go to summer baseball camp.
I was excited for the day I picked him up alone and we were able to go enjoy a rootbeer float & fries together.

 Yay for haircuts.  
She decided instead of a trim she wanted it chopped.

  Sneak Peek of the house we are buying.  The entire selling and buying process has almost killed me.  Not a joke.  We are down to the final like ten days and I can't tell you how loudly I am going to celebrate when it's all over!

 Thank goodness for family with a pool! 

  The Duke of Johnson turned TWO on August 6th.

 Bryan and I celebrated ELEVEN years on August 9th.

 The new house is in a new school district so we have gained an extra two weeks of summer! Yay!
The new school is uniforms so we had lots of those to buy but it has a much smaller supply list.  I am a fan of the uniforms, the smaller supply list, and definitely going back to school AFTER Labor Day.

 This sweet girl turns SIX in six days.  What the what?!?
She wants her daddy to teach her how to play guitar... but for now she has lots of fun singing while he plays.

 and with that... I think I can stop feeling sad for my kids or our family that we haven't had a typical summer filled with trips and beach days.  Our summer has been wonderful. 
I am so thankful for this family God has given me and how we enjoy each other.

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