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Saturday, December 22, 2012

exciting events

As I uploaded pictures on our computer today I realized how behind I am.  Two things that happened last week need to be mentioned and a few pictures need to be shared from both events.  I must mention one bummer thing about both of these important events... they happened just days before we bought our new camera, which is an amazing camera and it would have kicked butt at taking these shots that our old canon kinda failed at.  Anyhow...

Last Thursday was Avery's last day of school before her three weeks of Christmas and New Year vacation.  It also was the night of her first ever school performance.  Her first ever Christmas program.  Oh man, I melt for this stuff you guys.  Her class sang an adorable song and they did a great job at it.

Ave's teacher is so kind and sweet.  
She is just the type of teacher you want for your baby's first year of school.

Look at my cute little girl singing with her class.
Seriously... I just melt into a sappy puddle looking at these.

Then a couple of days later, on Saturday, Bryan graduated with his BS from Azusa Pacific University.  Some of you know the road that has brought him us here.  It has been long.  At times it has been very hard.  There aren't words to totally express how proud I am of my husband for reaching this goal.  I am amazed at the sacrifice and dedication it has taken.  I am humbled that it is all for him to be able to better support our family. Like I said, there just aren't words.  I am grateful beyond anything I could say in this little space.  I am so thankful that the long road is over!  I am so excited for there to be no more papers to write and exams to study for.  The kids are so excited too!

While we waited for it to start I snapped this shot of the view from our seats.

While we waited the kids did their best to not drive me crazy.

Remember me mentioning how our new camera could have taken great shots?
Well, as you can see our old Canon SLR was not good enough a camera
to take some decent indoor shots.  I took so many and this was the best one.  Boo!
I did get a good little iPhone video but I am having technical difficulties getting in on this page.
It did happen... even if I only have poor quality shots to prove it.

We did get a few decent shots with our fancy graduate afterwards.

So proud of and so in love with this man.
Thank you God for him.

Now I feel a tad bit more up to date.  Well... kinda. There is officially ONLY one day until Christmas Eve.  My kids are so excited.  So am I.  I am done with all my shopping but have not wrapped one single thing.  Darn that!  I suppose that is how I will be spending tonight and tomorrow night while the kids are asleep.

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