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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

grant's ballpark party

This year for Grant's 8th birthday party we went with a baseball theme... or as I chose to call it, ballpark theme.  It seemed very fitting.  Grant loves baseball.  Loves baseball almost to an obsessive degree.  And it is the beginning of his new little league season and the beginning of spring training for the major league teams.  His birthday landed on a Thursday this year.  We made plans to spend the entire weekend in Arizona for Angels spring training so my only real option for throwing a party was going to be Thursday night, after school, after baseball practice, and on a school night.  Bad idea right!?  
We kept the party small, just family and a couple of Grant's buddies.

  I kept the decorating to a minimum.
Our chalkboard was easily 
transformed into a scoreboard.
  I went with some of the staple concession stand snacks.  We also had hot dogs and hot soft pretzels.
 I made a few easy garlands.  The two baseball card ones were just baseball cards taped to a long line of twine.  I chose to tape them so that they wouldn't be ruined, and could later be added to Grant's card collection.  You could sew through them or punch holes to string them up instead though.

 Enjoying his hot dog and coke.
  Enjoying her cotton candy.
I never claimed it would be a healthy party!
  Grant with his Zoolander face.
He isn't a fan of cake which means he also doesn't care for cupcakes.  Every year he picks a new desert for me to build a cake from.  This year was brownies.

  Part of the night included kids taking turns in the batting cage, shooting hoops, and playing handball.
  Boys will be boys.

  Time for presents.

  Grant's little cousin Jack was very excited about giving him an Angels piggy bank.

  Grant's eyes lit up real big when he unwrapped this special package sent from his out of state grandma.
 Thank You grandma Laurie... 
he LOVES this book!
 And that was the party.  
I sent many children home past bedtime full of lots of sugar.
Sorry and thank you to all the parents who let your kids come and celebrate with my little man on a school night!

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  1. You are a wonderful mama! What a blessed little guy! p.s. If you would like to throw my next birthday party, I wouldn't object!