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Friday, March 29, 2013

DIY: Fairy Garden

If you follow on Instagram you may already know we have begun a pretty serious garden project this year.  I am loving it!  Two nights ago I randomly decided I wanted to make Avery a fairy garden for inside of our garden.  I didn't do any research on the stories or rules behind fairy gardens or the mystery or tales of fairies... I just think the tiny little gardens are so darn cute!  Avery plays pretend all.of.the.time... so a fairy garden is right up her alley.

While Avery was at school yesterday I shopped around for the items that I figured would give us a pretty good start to a fairy garden.
 Here is a list of the items we used to create our fairy garden although your items could be totally different.  Some of the listed items below you will not see in the above picture because I went out and bought more plants after taking this picture, once I realized I didn't have enough. =)
-a vintage wash tub to create the garden in (already had this)
-soil to fill the tub (already had this)
-two different colors/types of ground cover moss (home depot)
-three different flowering ground covers (home depot and a local nursery)
-two tiny succulent plants (home depot)
-a mini version of a tree (home depot)
-a mini herb plant (local nursery)
-porcelain mushroom (joann) this is actually a bird house
-colored pebbles (michaels)
-gold colored sand (michaels)
-mini wood picket fence (joann) it comes unfinished and i painted it brown
-driftwood pieces (joann) this is what i used to create the mini bench
**while at michaels i almost bought a few items from the missions section... like a plastic mini fence and a plastic well. i decided not to only because they were plastic and i wasn't sure how they'd hold up long term outside with the sun and watering.  but i wanted to share that idea because they had a lot of cute mini items you could add to a fairy garden.  i loved the well so much.

first step: fill your container with soil

Before planting anything we decided where we were going to have the house(mushroom) and we built up a little hill where it would be.  We left it there as we planted some of the ground cover to go around it.  Once we had the house's location set we just decided where everything else would go as we went along.  I made sure to take into consideration the plants that would grow taller and keep them towards the back or the sides.  Also remember that you can cut back anything that grows too big to keep it all tiny fairy size.

Once all the living items were planted we removed the mushroom house and Avery gave it all a good soak with the hose.
*when choosing items for your garden make sure to choose ones that will be able to handle regular watering and outdoor conditions.  this is why i chose the porcelain mushroom house for example.

Now it was time to add the walkway.  I used a piece of the driftwood as a little porch or doorstep and then added the colored pebbles for the path.

I poured the sand on the outside of the fence and in most of the areas that you could still see the soil.  The sand created a perfect little spot for the driftwood sitting bench to be. I just used hot glue to glue the driftwood pieces together to create the bench.

Once some of the plants around the edges grow a little taller and fill in a bit more I think it will be just perfect.

Above view of the layout

 It didn't take Avery long before she went and grabbed a few of her mini princess dolls to enjoy the garden.

 I just love how cute it looks in our garden and it will provide Avery with a great place to play on the days she doesn't feel like gardening but still wants to be with me.


  1. This is by far the cutest fairy garden I've seen! Absolutely love it!

  2. Oh my goodness, that is adorable! Nice layout too. Definitely makes me want a little girl...

  3. This is so adorable! Oh my goodness you are creative

  4. This turned out so great! One of the best ones I've seen :)

  5. This is amazing my girls loved it!

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