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Saturday, August 24, 2013

Pop Star Party

Months ago we began talking about the big day we'd celebrate Avery turning an entire hand's worth of fingers. During that conversation she said, "I want to have a Pop Star party!" I was some what shocked because I was quite positive she had no idea what or who Pop Stars were. At the time we did not have cable TV and she was only in Preschool. We do listen to music ALL DAY LONG and I know she loves her music, but I was pretty sure she had no clue where it came from or the names of the people singing. Anyhow... I was confused about her desire for a "Pop Star" party theme, so I asked her what she thought a Pop Star was. She told me, "You know mama... how Dora and Barbie have Pop Star books and movies." Oh yes!  Even Dora and Barbie are Pop Stars these days. Geez. Anyhow, I was happy to be correct that she was clueless to the so-called "famous" people that young girls idolize these days. I'm so not ready for that... like ever. That's a whole different blog post though. Anyhow, I still wasn't sold on the idea. But when I took into consideration her very cute and innocent(Dora) thoughts behind the theme and combined that with her personality that does love to sing, dance and perform... I said yes. All she wanted for the party was a stage and music. We knew we had a legit stage to use that a friend stores here on our property. We figured we'd just make a kid-friendly play list and buy a bunch of echo mics for the kids to sing along with.  Avery was happy with that plan.
I utilize our painted chalkboard for every party... it works out so well as it's right in the center of the house.
The main party took place around the stage outside so this is pretty much all I did for indoor decorating. I tried really hard to keep this party simple and easy!
We had lots of extra "pop" for the girls to decorate themselves with. =)
I have this thing where parties need a craft. So I went with the idea of each kid having their own guitar to decorate.
How I made these: For the tiny kids(3 and under) I traced a ukulele. For the rest of the kids I used my husband's acoustic guitar and traced parts of it and then just eyeballed the shape and made it about 1/2 of the size of his. I cut the shape out onto cardboard. Each guitar is three pieces glued together. Only the top two have the hole cut out and the bottom piece doesn't. Originally I had plans for rubber band strings but I was SO DONE with these after cutting 57 guitars and gluing them together to make 19 total. So I just took a black marker and drew on the bridge and the tuners.
Avery picked out the stickers and we added markers for the decorating options.
The kids all seemed to enjoy it.
Look at her fancy hair extensions. She's so fun.
The only other birthday touch that was inside the house was in the kitchen where the food was. I had just bought this sign from my friend the day before at her crafty vintage sale. Isn't it cute!? I used it for the menu.

Obviously I made the stage the center of the party. We set the stage up on our back patio and the back of it was up against one of our exterior walls. We took black plastic table cloth runner and hung it from the eve of our house and then attached it to the back of the stage. That gave me a clean plain backdrop to work with. Then I just hung a few garlands on top of that. I originally pictured me covering the backdrop with layers and layers of decorations so you could barely see the black backdrop but this was enough... it looked cute and was simple for me. We threw out some confetti dots on the stage for a little more color.

We ended up with an actual sound system for the party. It was awesome. Our friend owns the system and he offered it to us for the party. It totally made it so rad! Way better then a radio and echo mics! My husband had so much fun playing DJ. 
We did still have echo mics though.

The rest of the party was just a whole lot of this. I think it was pretty entertaining for the parents and kids.

Avery and her BFF Emma.

My kids are so nontraditional. They never want cake or cupcakes. Maybe it's my fault because I've always told them it's their day and they can choose the dessert. Anyhow... she chose the same thing as last year- hot brownies with ice cream sundaes on top.
Group shot. 
I took about 20 and this was the best I got.

After most the guests left... this might have happened. And the song we were singing might have been "Regulators". Just maybe.
Faith and I have been friends since high school. We were cheer leaders together, in each other's weddings, and now support each other through the good and tough days of motherhood and marriage. And clearly she's also a good time. I can't imagine my life without her. Avery's BFF Emma is her daughter.
Us mamas need to have a little fun too.

That's it for the Pop Star party. It was a lot of fun and turned out to be the perfect party theme for our little girl.


  1. That looks like so much fun!! She looks like she had a blast--and I can definitely imagine that you were relieved to discover what her idea of a 'pop star' was!

  2. Soooooo adorable! Wow, I love it. Looks like a great party. The guitars are my fave, great idea!

  3. Super cute party!!! Every detail is awesome! Love your necklace ;)

  4. Hello, where did you find the guitar cardboard? May I have the name of the vendor you ordered it from?

    Thanks so much!

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