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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

capturing life via phone

life lately
according to what my phone
has captured

how was I so blessed with these two!?

bryan had to work on our anniversary
but we made the most of the day 
including spending his lunch break together
and then left for our 
final summer get-a-way that night

both nights while away we made fresh
hot brownies and topped them with
ice cream and the works

while away i found the time to finish a book
that i've been reading in parts for an entire year!

as soon as we were home and unpacked
i got back into the working groove of things

i have enjoyed
getting these creative hands
going again!

do you watch Breaking Bad?
how great was this week's episode!?

it has been hot here, 
so by the time i'm ready for my
second cup of coffee... it's on the rocks

our summer trips are all over.
back-to-school shopping is all finished
and there is only eight days left until grant
begins second grade!  avery turns four this
weekend and i just don't know how to 
keep her from turning five next year!?  
i can handle four, i think, but not five!

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