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Saturday, May 18, 2013

capturing life via phone

so... i kinda suck at the whole blogging thing lately.  maybe i always have a little.  but over the past few months i think i have only done these photo posts and i can't even keep up with these.  i'm playing a bit of catch up with this one.

 maybe i should let avery take over the blog

 trip to balboa

 wanted to see the controversial "bad dog" exhibit before it was taken down.  this family thought it was pretty funny!

 having fun at a friend's birthday party

 it rained last week

 disneyland with friends
 ave met merida... she loves merida

 i'm really going to miss our time alone together when she goes to kinder next year

 i have been stocking the shop with all sorts of bows... made and ready for immediate shipping!

 we only have two more games for the spring season... it goes so fast.  sad it's coming to an end so soon.  although, we are already ready to go with a summer tournament team that starts the week after this ends.

  a personal favorite of mine.  i pretend like i go for the kids... but really it's because i am craving it.  they still win though too!

 more new bows!
go check them our in the shop.

 last sunday was not just mother's day but also my 32nd birthday!  we managed to get-a-way for a little 24-hour kid free trip.
 we had a great time in la jolla

 we got home mid afternoon on sunday with just enough time to celebrate mother's day with my kiddos who decorated our chalkboard while we were away
 down at the circle before dinner

 monday ave and i went to disneyland just the two of us... it was HOT!

 also new to the shop are patriotic garland!

 the new tie knot bows are so cute

 there is a giveaway going on over at 
you should head over there and enter to win... it ends tomorrow.

 birthday present to myself.  ball jars 100th anniversary jars... get them while you can!

i wasn't kidding... 
i've been making lots of bows lately!

maybe some day soon i will write an actual blog post... maybe.  for now, i hope you enjoyed all the pictures.  and i hope you're having a great weekend!

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