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Saturday, November 9, 2013

week wrap up

As I was flagging pictures from iPhoto for this post I realized that this week was apparently not a picture filled week.  Which for me, is a HUGE deal.  I take pictures of all.the.things. all.the.time.  It's like an addiction.  The lack of pictures this week reminded me of just how busy and distracted I have been.  This past weekend was the first baseball game I didn't photograph.  I sat and hand cut felt for garland orders instead.  Not complaining at all.  I enjoy being busy with orders. Reality is that I probably don't need every single game of Grant's ever played photographed, right?

My kids' school has this awesome art program called Art Masters.  They come four times a year and teach the kids about four different artists and the kids do a piece of their own.  A volunteer parent goes to a class to learn how to teach the students about the art application.  You guys, just because I am creative does NOT mean I am an artist.  Art, as in actual drawing, is a huge weakness of mine.  This is so far outside of my comfort zone.   I wish I was signed up to teach Avery's kinder class... they are easy to impress.  Instead I am teaching Grant's 3/4 combo class!  Wish me luck... I still have a couple weeks to stress about it before I actually do it.

Bryan and I watched ET with the kids for the first time.  It was so fun.  I LOVED this movie as a kid and still do.  The kids thought the story was sweet and Avery cried when ET and Elliot were sick and separated.  Her sweet little heart.

Much to my surprise Rainbow Looms are still being made in our house one after another.

In case anyone out there has the wrong impression that I do it all. I am here to tell you that on my long list of things I fall short of, cooking is one of those.  My family eats out a lot.  So naturally when I actually cooked(does the crockpot count as cooking?) a few nights this week I had to capture(and share) a picture of it!?

Shopping with dad at REI.
Where are their shoes!?!

My reader.

A little sibling chat while I wait for my coffee order from across the room.  I love spying on them when they don't think I'm watching.

A post school park playdate with her favorite kinder classmate.  Because spending six hours together at school isn't enough!?

Our sweet Duke sleeps anywhere and everywhere he wants.  Somehow all of our no couch, no bed, etc ruled have flown out the window with this dog.  On another note, I think it's time for my log display to hit the road so that I can enjoy a warm fire.  I think it's been three years since we had a fire in there!

So, I know that last week during my wrap up post I kinda promised that I'd be starting up with a shop update this week.  And some of you may have noticed I failed at that.  Sorry.  Here are my excuses: I didn't have(make) time for the post.  I didn't finish all the new products in time to photograph and blog about.  And mainly because I am prepping for my first of two holiday markets and I am behind on stocking up items to take to those.  I feel like I have just been making and shipping Etsy orders and not making and putting aside boutique items.  Which is bad.  This week I will(hope to) share a shop post that will be more directed at the items I will have at the Penelope Lane Boutique on November 23rd.  The items I share in this upcoming post will make it to the Etsy shop... I'm just not sure when or in what quantities.

That's it for the past week.  As for this weekend... it's Bryan's weekend to work at the hospital.  Booooo.  It is also a two day tournament weekend for Grant's travel ball team.  So, that's where I will be.  Luckily I love baseball and love watching my boy play it... so we'll make the most of it.

Happy Saturday!

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