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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

this & that

both of my kids are back in school.
vacation is officially over.
  today was the first day of them both being gone and bryan was at work.  it was so strange and quiet around here!  it allowed me to get plenty of work done though, which was needed.  
speaking of, if you were hoping to get yourself one of the valentine xo garlands that were in the etsy shop... they sold out today!  after making and shipping off 66 garlands to terrain, i am now in the midst of filling 25 made-to-order garlands for etsy.  that's a lot of garland making!

 i am hoping to catch up in a few days and be able to list some more to the etsy shop.  so if you missed out on getting yourself one, they may be back in a few days.
you'd think i would be stinkin' sick of hearts at this point... but i am not.  i love them.

you all need to go and check our threads!  you will find the most amazing bracelets, that are affordable and support a great cause... one that is well worth supporting.  go see for yourself.

something else that i think is so worth your time to check out is this video...
cj is a friend of ours and this story he wrote is just fantastic!  as a mom of two little ones growing up in this current day of technology and screens everywhere, i totally think this story is perfect, not to mention adorable and funny.  well done cj.

if you are a fan of art you should browse around this etsy shop, NewsPaperBalloon.
i found it via instagram and am currently awaiting the happy mail she will be sending me.  i ordered five custom pieces from her. 
one of grant(above), one of avery, one of them together and then two separate family ones.
did i mention how affordable she is!?  they range from $3-$15 a piece!  i will share them all once they arrive in the mail.  not only are they adorable and affordable but she created mine the same day i ordered them!

happy tuesday to you!

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