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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

capturing life via phone

i am one of those people, if you don't already know this, who takes pictures everyday of... ummm... everything.  consider yourself warned. apparently i can't handle the idea of not freezing and preserving all these little moments.  in total honestly though, i don't think that is such a bad thing.  so there!

are you on instagram? 
if you are, you can find me there under the name aidieshideaway.

here are some of those everyday, everything moments that i take many pictures of...

 hanging at starbucks
  she loves art.  period.  any type.  if you are a fan of ikea i just bought this water color set there for like $6 and it is super amazing!
  a pretty regular trip to our local wahoos
 date night with my hubby
 family date night at home
  just another example of avery's natural ability to entertain... she decided to be the living kid version of this mannequin in the nike store.
  our new coffee maker is easy enough for the kids to make our coffee... how great is that!
the valentine version of our chalkboard
 we lucked out through a friend's referral and ended up getting to be a model family for a Metrolink photo shoot.  it was to promote the idea of taking the train to Angel games since they have a stop right outside the stadium.  it was so fun for our kids who had never been on a train before, and clearly it was easy for our Angel fan family to dress out for!

 she decided to go the hand made route for valentine cards and is taking it very seriously.

 the 31 bits warehouse sale was amazing!  i had never been to one of their sales before and the only 31 bits pieces i have are the ones bryan brought me home from his trip to uganda.  so this was a very fun shopping spree for me!
and look at all those amazing colored neclaces and bracelets i got!?  yay!

some of the best advice for a new parent: cuddle them as much as you can... it doesn't last forever.  at least not like this.
speaking of instagram... i discovered the printed pallete while on instagram.  so far i have only ordered both of my kids this shirt.  the shirts are not just totally adorable, but they wash great and fit so perfectly.  they have a ton of great items for babies, kids and adults.  go check them out!
 so... parks & recreation filmed a few scenes here in my town!  the kids and i headed down to the circle to see how close we could get and see what was going on and it turned out to be so much fun.
i will totally admit that i am not a big famous person kinda girl.  i regularly am embarrassed that i have no idea who my friends are talking about when they are naming off names of hollywood peeps.  but, amy poehler is one that i know and was pretty excited to be this close to!
while hanging out near the set, avery made a friend with this guy!  my daughter clearly loves dogs and has no fear.  oh, and this big dude... is still a puppy!
this little gem of love came from that day too!  thank you God for these two kids who care for each other the way that they do.

i have still been making and shipping out a constant stream of these hearts and xo garlands.  i am so thankful for how many have sold.  it is pretty amazing.  i am officially sold out on etsy though... for a third and final time.
 oh how i love you sugar.  i like you in all the shapes and configurations that you are so lovingly made into.  people keep telling me how bad you are for me and i know there is truth to what they are saying... but i just can't give you up completely.

 lucy and duke are growing more attached to each other everyday.  they have truly become best friends and they are just too cute together.
 grant lost his 7th tooth at school yesterday and it came home in this fun little package.
one day i will have a studio space... like an actual room.  for now i make this tiny spot in our kitchen work for me.  it takes a lot of work to keep it organized and workable.

happy wednesday to you!


  1. I love following you on Instagram! You have such an adorable family :)

    1. awww, thanks Ali! and thanks for taking the time to comment. =)