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Thursday, January 24, 2013

stopping to feed the ducks

today was an off day.  i was in a bit of a funk.  the day started fine... took the kids to school and came home and did some crafting. but at some point it just turned blah.  

it didn't help that our pup raised a whole bunch of muddy havoc in our yard.
 these pictures don't begin to show the amount of mud filled holes that are now in our backyard and they for sure do not show the amount of mud that was on the dog!
sidenote: i texted all these pics and others to my husband who was at work to show him what HIS dog had done.  his response was, "awww look how cute he is."  oh brother...

then while on my way to pick the kids up from school i was stopped at a stop light when the car in front of me decided to drive in reverse.  my honking did nothing because he was already running into the front of my car.  i am okay and i was alone in my car... so i am thankful.  my car needs to be fixed but it appears to be just superficial damages. 

not the best of days. 

kids came home and i was not in the best mood and a bit shaken up.  i was also becoming irritated with myself because i had thought today would be productive.  i was getting mad about the funk i had been in.  i had this idea earlier this morning that i was going to be so satisfied by the end of the day because i'd have a clean house, a stocked kitchen, some crafts finished and all my etsy orders filled.  well... pretty much none of that happened.  i opened the fridge to grab a snack for the kids and i saw the huge bag of bread we'd been building up to feed the ducks.  i grabbed it, told the kids to get in the car, and we headed to the park.

something about moving the focus from me somewhere else helped cure my funk.  it was so nice to see the kids smile, laugh and have so much fun feeding the ducks.  i loved watching my kids share their bread so that other kids could have fun feeding the ducks too.  my kids bring me so much joy.  simple and real joy.

as i turned on my computer to upload our duck-feeding pictures i went on facebook and saw this quote, "in the midst of life, don't forget to live it."  it made me smile.  i was happy that i didn't choose to just sit and stew in my dissapointment of all i didn't accomplish on my to-do-list today.  i'm happy i didn't choose to busy myself late into the night trying to catch up to make myself feel better.  i am happy that instead i saw that big bag of bread, and chose to stop and go feed the ducks.  
my kids were happy i chose that too!

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  1. Awesome!! Way to change the course of your day. Your kiddos are adorable :) Happy weekend!